With TourRing, iStaging Makes Another Leap to Empower the Visualization of Distant Spaces

iStaging's TourRing is the latest addition to the company's suite of social business applications that digitalize offline experiences for better online engagement.

TourRing brings together multiple participants to engage with each other in real time within a virtual reality setting. Taking real estate as an example, after a client clicks an “online tour” button, the real estate agent receives a notification and can immediately take the client on an online guided tour of the property, all experienced within a 720-degree VR environment. With TourRing, multiple online viewings can be accommodated and managed remotely by a single agent, enhancing the ease and efficiency of the house-viewing experience.

Multi-industry Applications
Beyond the real estate industry, TourRing is also ideal for other applications where communicating a sense of space is needed, such as in the architecture, automotive, travel, retail and education industries. “TourRing is designed to take customer engagement to the next level by offering the depth of experience and an unmatched sense of spatial orientation,” said iStaging CEO Johnny Lee. “If you can convey a realistic visualization of a physical space, it makes it that much easier to convince someone of your value proposition.”

If you can convey a realistic visualization of a physical space, it makes it that much easier to convince someone of your value proposition.

Johnny Lee, Founder and CEO

Lee noted further that since many consumers already do their own online research before making a purchase, TourRing helps to make the most of the guidance provided by a salesperson and improves the efficiency of narrowing their selection.

AI for Better Customization
From the user’s perspective, TourRing makes use of AI to craft a richer interactive experience. Depending on the user’s behavior, AI is used to customize how the seller can navigate with the customer through various places from different angles. And unlike a live video conference where the salesperson literally walks through a real space to introduce different viewing angles, TourRing is virtually limitless. In addition to being accessible on smartphones, tablets, and computers, it offers consistent visual quality that is unaffected by the surrounding lighting or other distractions.

A key advantage of using AI is that it helps a salesperson to build more systematic customer-engagement content. At the same time, for a company’s management, AI is an unbiased tool to enhance the scoring system for the sales team and promotes internal management efficiency. Commenting on whether an AI-powered bot could replace a human salesperson, iStaging CTO Flex Zhang said: “Our TourRing AI is not designed to replace people. AI simply complements the VR experience by performing routine and tedious tasks such as gathering data of user behavior and analyzing the data. So it allows the salesperson to review the feedback and focus on how to provide a better-customized marketing and sales service.”

Furthermore, iStaging is working with consultants from a multitude of industries to analyze the collected data to provide valuable insights and business intelligence as reference for companies in making their operational and business decisions.

Source: iStaging

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