With Spring in Full Effect, A-US Air Conditioning of Texas Wants Residents Aware of Servicing Their HVAC Unit

Cleaning and care can go a long way in saving money

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​Winter is over, and spring is here. The warmer months mean people all over the country can focus on outdoor projects and spending time in the sun. But A-US Air Conditioning of Texas warns residents of what they should be doing inside their home.

The family-owned company has over four decades of experience in Texas. While servicing thousands of customers during that span, the company knows a thing or two about heating and cooling units.

A-US Air Conditioning of Texas focuses their business in the Fort Worth/Dallas Metroplex area. Furthermore, the company recently expanded their service area with more locations.

The company works with customers on their air conditioning systems, furnaces, heat pumps, installations of units, and airflow problems. But they take many calls from customers that could have become avoided if they completed a spring cleaning check.

If a customer follows these guidelines in the spring, one can avoid making an emergency call to the company.

Changing The Air Filter

Air filters in an HVAC unit keep the system clean and ductworks clear of dangerous materials. Also, air filters improve indoor air quality by trapping airborne particles. These particles include dust and allergens. Once a customer turns on their air conditioning unit on for the first time in the spring, these doormat particles travel throughout the air ducts and cause problems.

Ideally, A-US Air Conditioning of Texas recommends residents replace their air filter once a month. But if a resident can complete this task at the beginning of the spring season, it can be as effective.

Keeping Windows And Doors Closed

It's great to feel the spring breeze for the first time after a long season of colder weather. But opening doors and windows welcomes outdoor allergens that were doormat during the winter months. These allergens enter the home and the HVAC system to spread throughout other rooms.

These allergens can become tough on people with asthma or other allergies.

More importantly, keeping the doors and windows closed increases the efficiency of the client's HVAC system. Keeping doors and windows closed as your HVAC unit is running saves money in the long run.

The technicians at A-US Air Conditioning of Texas preach to keep windows and doors closed until the summer months.

Saving Money With One Simple Checkup

The company wants every resident to know that an uncomplicated checkup of their HVAC unit can mean saving thousands later in the year.

Today, many homeowners look at these checkups as needless expenses. Or they forget to check their HVAC unit until it's too late. But they don't realize that they could be paying up to 50 percent more on their heating and cooling bill during high-use months.

People who are budget-minded are the ones looking over their HVAC units during the spring months. A better performing HVAC unit means more controlled energy costs throughout the whole year.

For example, dirt on the home's outdoor coils of the air conditioning unit can add 30 percent to a bill. Also, blockages and leaks in the air ducts can add 20 percent to the client's energy bill.

These simple cleaning tasks can save homeowners hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars throughout the year. The bigger the home, the extra costs increase.

A-US Air Conditioning of Texas has expanded their service area in the state and can take on new clients. Their staff of over 40 technicians can handle simple requests to emergency calls.

For those who have an emergency on the weekend, holiday, or overnight, the company has a 24/7 hotline. When a customer calls, they will always be greeted by a professional from the company ready to service their needs.

Learn more about the services A-US Air Conditioning of Texas provides by visiting their website.

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