With Rosy Cheeks and a Twinkle in His Eyes Santa Geoff Is Ready for the Holiday Season

​Santa Geoff Umpleby is ready for his sixth season as jolly Saint Nick. If this year is anything like last year, when the retail industry kicks-off holiday season in a few months, Santa Geoff will be experiencing a booking frenzy. This year Santa Geoff is looking forward to booking great parties for kids and adults as well as launching a new electronic Christmas card service.

“The use of technology has broadened Santa Geoff’s social media presence and expanded his brand beyond his expectations. With the aid of his smart phone he has done eight events in one day,” stated Jenna S. head scheduling elf. “Last year was a good year for Santa Geoff as he was in the unique position of having to turn down 500 appearances.”

Santa Geoff prides himself on customizing each home and corporate visit to make your experience unique and personal to you and your company’s brand. With Santa Geoff being a real bearded Santa, having graduated from Santa school and all, he is always jovial and entertaining and works with his clients to assure them they have hired the best.  Home and corporate visits require a one-hour minimum. Prices start at $125 per hour and up to $350 per hour on Christmas Eve. 

After experiencing layoffs and unemployment, Umpleby was looking for a new way to earn a living. By using his good looks? Not exactly, but he did bear an uncanny resemblance to Old Saint Nick. So he became Santa Geoff. He started by hosting holiday events for friends and family. Five years later and he’s booking events six months in advance thanks to repeat corporate clients and social media, which hit him like an avalanche.   

“I’ve come a long way in my career as Santa Claus with a little help from my friends. They pulled me into the cyber world like reindeer pulling a sleigh through the blinding snow,” says Santa Geoff. “Now I am able to generate business, book gigs, schedule and coordinate directions on my mobile device.”

Santa Geoff is accredited by the Professional Santa School (yes, that’s a real thing!). He is insured and has undergone a thorough background check so that his clients can feel safe and confident in his skills and experience. He has had good fortune this year to work with Great Wolf Lodge in Garden Grove, California, bringing him one step closer to becoming the Santa spokesperson for a national company.

 Santa Geoff is excited to bring the spirit of the holiday season to his clients. Click here to check out Santa Geoff’s YouTube video. For further information or to book Santa Geoff visit www.santageoff.com.

Media Contact: Santa Geoff Umpleby, geoffcu@gmail.com or 949.500.5488.

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