With New Partnership, Rectangle Health and TDO Endodontic Software Take First Bite in Improving Payment Processing for Endodontists

Rectangle Health and The Digital Office (TDO) have partnered to help TDO increase their customer payment compliance and eliminate complicated billing statements.

TDO, a California-based software company that provides practice management systems for endodontists, had grown increasingly concerned about high fees and frustrations with their former payment processor. Rectangle quickly implemented an automated payment processing solution and within 24 hours, TDO customers began accepting payments from patients.

TDO reduced administrative fees to their offices nationwide with fast implementation and no startup fees, and Rectangle Health’s frictionless payment solution was a prime factor in this upgrade. TDO now enjoys convenient payment workflow that’s integrated with TDO’s practice management system and their endodontists’ patients can make payments easily.

Rectangle’s integrated system makes the payment process as efficient as possible, allowing patients options to pay via text or online and the ability to use credit cards and Apple, Android or Samsung Pay at point of service. Patients can also set up a payment plan for large balances. Rectangle’s system delivers electronic signature capture to contract for outstanding balances with a proprietary pre-authorized healthcare form.

“TDO is an innovative and quality-centered company, which makes our partnership with them so exciting,” says Michael Peluso, general manager for Rectangle Health. “By using our software, TDO’s customers benefit from the same frictionless, easy payment experiences they have in other industries. At the same time, endodontists can significantly streamline internal processes for collecting from patients.”

“We are happy to announce our integration with Rectangle Health. To continually offer new and beneficial services to our users, TDO Software has developed an integration with Rectangle Health,” says Luiz Motta, CEO of TDO Software. “Rectangle Health can provide customized, comprehensive patient payment solutions for your practice right from the Ledger in TDO. We are excited for this new payment processing solution and are sure that our users will benefit from this.”

Endodontists proudly refer to themselves as “specialists in saving teeth”; Rectangle Health professionals are specialists in saving time and money -- and adding convenience.

About Rectangle Health

Rendering high administrative costs obsolete, Rectangle Health abolishes redundant processes and eliminates implementation and integration fees. Rectangle Health is a division of Retriever Medical/Dental Payments LLC, a leading healthcare payment and premium processing company. Founded in 1992, the company is headquartered in Valhalla, New York.

About TDO

TDO is the most widely used endodontic software in the world and has built a community of quality-centered endodontists united in their search for excellence. TDO’s goal is not to be good, but to be extraordinary. The company’s headquarters is in San Diego, California.

For more information, contact Kate Sirignano, 860-863-5861.

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About Rectangle Health

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Rectangle Health is a division of Retriever Medical/Dental Payments.