Wintervention: Benny Benassi and CryoFX

A winter-themed event isn't complete without freezing cold Co2 and one of the most popular DJs in the world.

CryoFX products were used for Hard Rock Hotel San Diego’s event, Wintervention. Intervention, one of the most popular summer parties in San Diego, came to a close with this special winter-themed event.

Artists who performed at this event included local DJs like E5COBAR and headliner Benny Benassi. This event which took place on Sunday, February 15th, 2015 brought in thousands of patrons and revenue for the venue.

The CryoFX products that were used by the event were two (2) Co2 jets with DMX capabilities and one (1) CryoFX Cryo Gun. The two Co2 jets with DMX capabilities were mounted on the front of the stage to blast the audience with Co2. The CryoFX Cryo Gun was used by performers on the stage to create huge plumes of Co2 by hand.

While this is the last event for Intervention San Diego, this will not be the last of CryoFX products being used around San Diego.