Winter Portal MYSKITICKET.COM Revolutionises Ski Holidays

The German-born start-up Snowpass introduces its website, a portal for winter sports where ski passes, rental equipment and ski lessons can be purchased online.

The German-born start-up Snowpass introduces its website Myskiticket is the newest portal on the web for winter sports. Ski fans are now enabled to buy their ski passes online. In this way, they will be saved from queuing at the sales counter.

The idea came to the young CEOs one day during the past winter season. After having set the alarm clock at 5.00 a.m., after having driven for 3 hours hoping to enjoy empty slopes, the three passionate skiers had to wait queuing for almost 45 minutes to get their ski passes. While sitting on the chair lift, they started reflecting on how they could hit the slopes faster. That very same day they came to the conclusion that buying tickets online would have been the best (if not only) solution. And what if also rental equipment and ski lessons could be booked in advanced?

No sooner said than done! After a couple of months of preparatory works, myskiticket was launched on the 2nd of August 2015. What to expect? Ski passes, rental equipment and ski lessons can be purchased online. An equally significant aspect of the originality of the platform, is the fact that skiers are enabled to compare, for the very first time, more than 400 ski resorts. As a matter of fact, myskiticket provides a list of the most important ski areas in the Alps: from France to Italy, from Switzerland to Germany, passing through Austria. For skiers it will finally be possible to compare all the most relevant aspects of the alpine ski resorts: price, availability of online passes and charges, weather conditions, snow report,  rental equipment, ski lessons and accommodation.

Not only German-speakers will have this chance. The company’s international team has announced today that a new version of the website, translated into 4 different language (German, English, Italian and French) will be active later this week.

More information is expected to be released following a management team meeting on August 19, 2015.


About Snowpass

The Munich-based company snowpass was founded in early 2015 by three passionate skiers. Snowpass is a start-up specialized in the enablement of online sales for ski tickets. The focus lies on true online solutions that allow the customer to avoid queuing. In order to market this idea, the internet platform was created.

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