Winners Announced for the Top 10 Energy Technology Startups 2018

Houston-based was named the Energy CIO Insights magazine's 2018 Award winner for the best energy technology startups. Energy CIO Insights, a magazine produced by an international publishing company that focuses on the latest technologies, concepts and practices in the power and energy field, has listed as one of the 10 Best Energy Technology Startups in North America this year.

The list was published as part of a special Startups edition in the magazine’s August 2018 issue. Energy CIO Insights selected based on a number of criteria determined by an experienced evaluation panel (which consists of CIOs, CTOs and energy professionals from big energy corporations) and their editorial board which analyzed core-competency, unique solution offerings, milestones, news/press releases, third-party reviews and then finalized the list of the Top 10 companies. A full-fledged market research team aided the selection panel in their evaluation by actively collating information from market reports, industry news, social media, surveys with potential buyers and industry events. Based on these attributes, was selected as a winner. CEO Jay Bhatty credits the success of the company to his innovative team of software programmers who built a breakthrough product that consolidates a hundred different gas pipeline websites into one.

Shelly Sanders

Media Manager CEO Jay Bhatty credits the success of the company to his innovative team of software programmers who built a breakthrough product that consolidates 100 different gas pipeline websites into one. NatGas Hub was specifically recognized for streamlining the entire natural gas logistics process front to back. “We congratulate for its award win this year,” said Nick Tillman, former president of Conoco Phillips. “The independent panel of judges was impressed with NatGas Hub for its standout performance in this awards category and for its commitment to the energy industry’s advancement.” partners with leading energy companies to provide expertise and innovative technologies. Nationally, NatGas Hub has worked with several energy customers to deliver proven solutions and services that improve operational efficiencies, enhance cyber-security and empower companies to better manage their energy logistics.

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Energy CIO Insights accumulates the latest technology, opinions, analyses and discussions of the most predominant issues in the field of energy. The publication apprises technology executives, data managers, channel and delivery experts, and operations leaders with current developments and occurrences in the energy technology vertical. Energy CIO Insights acts as a window for key decision makers, shedding lights on a wide array of technology applications to choose from, the appropriate solutions and services for enhanced efficiency and taking their business to new heights.


NatGas Hub is a Multi-Pipeline Natural Gas Nominations Dashboard. The company makes cutting-edge logistics software for the energy industry including energy producers, marketers, traders, banks, munis, utilities, intermediaries and end-users of physical natural gas. Natural gas worth over $100 million is nominated and transported via their website every day. The company's software products are certified by the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB).



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