Winmo Unveils New Personality Insights

Winmo is helping sellers boost their response rates by 233%

Winmo, the #1 sales intelligence tool for the marketing and advertising industry, has added eerily accurate personality insights to contact profiles, allowing revenue teams to personalize outreach to decision-makers who control over $100 billion in marketing spend.

Personality insights now appear alongside names, phone numbers and emails in Winmo's robust contact database, giving sellers a clear path to reaching the right brand or agency decision-maker with outreach that gets a response.

Personality insights help salespeople connect with prospects on a human level essential to winning deals, especially in a time when marketers are blasted with one-size-fits-all messaging.

"According to a recent poll we conducted, getting ghosted was the number one prospecting pain point of our customers," said Marilyn Mead, VP of Marketing at Winmo. "Personality insights provide a kind of cheat sheet for increasing response rates by as much as 233%. That's a game-changer in today's remote-selling environment."

The new feature offers personality insights - such as behavioral data and DISC profile - directly into contact profiles within Winmo, so Winmo users can get to know their target buyer and tailor their outreach for maximum impact. Winmo customers can discover what language a prospect is likely to respond to, even which words to use in email, for effective outreach that strikes the right chord.

Winmo personality insights are powered by Humantic AI, which assists salespeople in honing in on personalized connections with their buyers.

"In my previous startup, most of our marquee clients were media companies. I saw firsthand that selling to brand custodians was way more complex than it seems at first glance," said Amarpreet Kalkat, Founder and CEO of Humantic AI.

"We're really excited about this partnership with Winmo — adding Humantic AI's buyer intelligence to Winmo's unfair advantage makes it a winning combo for any agency out there. Now they won't just know how to pitch to businesses, they can also predict what they need to pitch in order to get a nod."

About Winmo: Winmo is a sales intelligence tool that guides revenue teams to the right opportunities, distilling complex brand, company, spend, and decision-maker information into a simplified view. Its human-verified profiles list media, agency and sponsorship decision-makers who control over $100 billion in spending each year, alongside contextual insights needed to craft sales outreach that resonates. Winmo users have the unfair advantage they need to connect with national brands and agencies at the right time. For more information and to request a trial, visit

About Humantic AI provides buyer intelligence to revenue teams. Their technology is built with a proprietary personality AI engine. Customers like Paypal, Rackspace, McKinsey and Supportlogic see improvement in response and win rates after using Humantic AI. For more information, visit

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