Winmo Removes the Grunt Work of Event Prospecting in One Click

Quickly and easily append contact data to targeted company lists with Winmo's new feature.

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Winmo introduces a new feature to simplify how sales and marketing professionals are prospecting, giving them the ability to quickly and easily append contact information to targeted company lists.

"We're obsessed with the success of our customers and removing friction from their daily prospecting tasks," said Winmo CEO Dave Currie. "This new feature in Winmo eliminates the manual and mundane process of searching for the right prospects for target companies, at scale. Winmo automatically adds all the critical information you're looking for in one click."

Sales and marketing teams often find themselves stuck doing tedious data projects before they're able to activate campaigns. A frequent example and pain point — companies investing to send their sales team to an industry conference only to receive incomplete attendee lists with minimal information and no contact information. While, historically, the intern or BDR would get stuck doing this, Winmo customers can now quickly attach this critical information and get back to selling.

The Upload a List feature will be available to all Winmo customers and can also be used to solve other cumbersome data projects including:

· Keeping CRM or Marketing Automation data up to date. Customers can simply upload their archived data lists and refresh contact details on a quarterly or semi-annual basis.

· Target entirely new markets. Teams can upload a list of company names and build out entirely new market databases to support their sales and marketing outreach.

· Get alerts on top prospects or clients. Winmo enables customers to upload key prospect or customer lists and set mass alerts so you know exactly when important shifts are happening on key accounts.

"I know first-hand how frustrating it can be to spend a large amount of money to exhibit at an event and get stuck with an incomplete attendee list, which, in return, my team has to manually look up and add contact information for. A feature like this will help both sales and marketing teams move 10x faster and get back to projects that really move the needle," said Winmo CMO Jennifer Groese.

Anyone can now easily use Winmo to take the grunt work of event prospecting, making it — and a host of other tedious data tasks — a thing of the past by quickly and easily appending contact information to targeted company lists. Try it for yourself at Winmo.

About Winmo:

Business development teams use Winmo to reach the right prospects at the right accounts at the right time. Its up-to-date advertiser and agency profiles track decision-makers who control over $100 billion in annual ad expenditures. In addition to being the first place that sellers turn for advertiser-agency relationships and contact information, Winmo predicts opportunities on the horizon, tracking subtle shifts to keep agencies, publishers and adtech firms ahead of their competition. With verified sales intelligence, real-time change alerts and forecasted opportunities at their fingertips, Winmo users can operate more strategically and engage prospects at the earliest stage of opportunity. Learn more at

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