Winelivery Raised More Than 200% of the Target

More than 100 people demonstrated their belief in winelivery by investing in the "bottle prêt a boire" service.

Winelivery: Rised More Than 200% of the Target!

Winelivery is the first Italian startup that delivers wine and other alcoholic beverages to your doorstep at the right consumption temperature, and in less than 30 minutes.

In less than 60 days on the crowdfunding platform Crowdfundme the business reached and passed the target of 50k euros fundraising, collecting more than 100k euros. Another 25k euros are passing through the finalization process.

More than 100 people demonstrated their belief in winelivery by investing in the “bottle prêt a boire” service.

Because of the success in raising funds due, the crowdfunding platform decided to lengthen the campaign for another 30 days (since May 15), targeting 150k. The data are stunning; Last week saw more than 50k euros invested by privates who choose to believe in Francesco Magro’s and Andrea Antinori’s project.

The choice to collect funds through crowdfunding was successful under many aspects. By communicating the crowdfunding campaign through press and social media, the awareness of the existence of winelivery spread through all Italy and abroad.

Orders increased, as did the opportunity to find partners in Italy. “Not only the flow on both app and website increased, but also the awareness in all Italy. Many people contacted us proposing themselves to be an active part in opening winelivery in other cities in Italy,” says Francesco Magro, CEO at

This means there should be the opportunity to open in other cities. Winelivery was projected to be a scalable business: Wines delivered by winelivery will reach more houses.

Being the first app in the last-mile delivery field that deals exclusively with winehouse products, winelivery takes advantage of its knowledge of the marketplace. This allows the business to evolve following the mood of a marketplace that winelivery might have created: the platform and the app are in the process of continuous evolution in order to guarantee a top class service with the best products.

More info about winelivery
Winelivery is the best portal for the last-mile delivery of high-quality wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages. It has a fast delivery, less than 30 minutes, and guarantees the right temperature of the products delivered: wines are ready to be opened and enjoyed.
Winelivery was launched at the very end of the year 2015 in Milan, and now it's ready to land in other Italian cities and abroad. It was born from the idea of two young Italian entrepreneurs with the aim to innovate the world of wine through new distribution methods that include fast delivery, an online sommelier and the opportunity to personalize wine bottles. Thanks to a wide offer that includes more than 1,500 references, it’s possible to receive at home the preferred wine or drink in less than 30 minutes at the right consumption temperature. No delivery fees are added.
It’s possible to order a bottle with winelivery from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. through the web portal or downloading the app, for both iOS and Android devices.


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How many times have we managed to stay home without anything to drink? To answer this need came born winelivery, the first Italian portal for home delivery of quality spirits. With winelivery, you can comfortably get the best bottles of wine and beer

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