Wine & Spirits Mix It Up for Today's Hottest Cocktail Trend

Wine Cocktails are All the Rage

Black Tie Affair Cocktail

Today’s hottest cocktail trend gives new meaning to the phrase “wine and spirits,” as leading mixologists across the nation marry the two for a refreshing blend of “wine cocktails” to usher in the spring and summer seasons.

“Traditionally wine and spirits have been an either/or choice for consumers and bartenders alike,” notes Jim Amstutz, national sales director for Global Spirits USA.  “Now, however, we’re seeing a global trend at bars and restaurants combining spirits and a variety of wines in some exciting new cocktails.”

"...we're seeing a global trend at bars and restaurants combining spirits and a variety of wines in some exciting new cocktails."

Jim Amstutz, National Sales Director, Global Spirits LLC

Global Spirits manufactures and distributes two of the nation’s growing vodka brands: LEAF Organic Vodka and Khortytsa Vodka.   Here are some popular new cocktails that combine wine with vodka:

Black Tie Affair

1 oz. Khortytsa De Luxe

½ oz. Cassis

3 oz. dry Champagne

The Sparkling Mandarin

1.5 oz. Khortytsa Platinum

4 oz. Mandarin juice (two mandarins)

6 oz. Brut sparkling wine

Sparkling Strawberry

3 oz. sparkling wine

¾ oz. Khortytsa Platinum Vodka

¾ oz. strawberry brandy

Glacial Pool

2 oz. LEAF Organic Vodka made from Alaskan Glacial Water

1 oz. Lillet Blanc

2 oz. dry Reisling

2 oz. soda water

2 dashes of peach bitters

About LEAF Vodka:

Distributed by Global Spirits USA, one of the industry’s leading international vodka producers, LEAF Vodka is sourced from two unique American waters.  These water sources give LEAF Vodkas their signature tastes.  For example, LEAF Vodka made from Alaskan Glacial Water has a pure, smooth taste with a hint of sweetness while LEAF Vodka made from Rocky Mountain Mineral Water offers richness and complexity, lending a warm and savory impression on the palate. Both have a recommended shelf price of $14.99 for 750mL—and are Certified USDA Organic.

About Khortytsa Vodka:

The world’s third largest selling vodka, Khortytsa is quickly gaining popularity in the USA. Currently, there are four items within the Khortytsa line imported to the United States: Khortytsa Platinum, which is the most popular item in the line, retailing for $14.99 per 750 ml.; Khortytsa Ice, specially formulated to be frozen with the bottle turning blue when chilled, retails for $15.99 per 750 ml.; Khortytsa Honey Pepper, which offers a spicy zing to a variety of cocktails, retails for $15.99 per 750 ml., and Khortytsa De Luxe for vodka connoisseurs, is a “super premium” vodka with a suggested retail of $29.99 for a 750 ml. bottle.

Source: Global Spirits USA

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