Wine Glass Brands Offers Free Italian Made Olive-Wood Cheese Serving Board on Purchases over $60

Wine Glass has come up with a new offer that's like icing on the cake. Although the e-commerce company does not have a free shipping policy, the offer of a free Italian Made Olive-Wood Cheese Serving Board on any purchase above $60 will

Wine Glass Brands’ new business policy is sure to have a positive impact on their customer base. The company has come up with a new offer to provide better and enhanced to their customers. While free shipping offers by competitors offers some value, it cannot match the value offered by Wine Glass Brands.  According to the new policy, customers making a purchase above $60 would receive a beautifully made and exotic looking made in Italy Olive-Wood Cheese Serving Board with a retail value of $40.

Olive wood serving boards are generally used for serving appetizers with delectable wines. However, they also add a touch of elegance to the table setting which is sure to impress upon guests. From goat cheese to Gouda, from hard cheeses to creamy brie’s, charcuterie and fruit, all  are perfect accompaniment for service on an Olive wood board. The Veritas Olivewood Cheese board is sure to make an impression on guests and enhance any table setting.

Wine Glass Brands is one of the leading suppliers of high quality wine glasses, decanters and wine accessories in the United States. The company has grown in leaps and bounds by offering wine glasses, decanters and wine accessories of the best brands to the customers. Headquartered in New York, the company aims at expanding its customer base in the coming years.

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Wood is the most common material used for making cheese serving boards. . Cheese serving boards made from wood have a greater appeal because of the grainy pattern and the natural texture. Bamboo, oak, and maple are good choices, but these wood types are pale in comparison to the naturally wild grain patterns inherent in olive wood. The cheese serving board offered as a free gift by Wine Glass Brands is carved from Italian Olive Wood. Artisans from a small village in Calabria, Italy put in their efforts to design these beautiful, handcrafted Olive Wood Cheese Serving boards. Since each piece of wood is unique, each board, crafted from each piece of wood, is also unique. The natural olive wood serving board is ideal for serving cheese, fruit and charcuterie.

It is hoped that this unique gift is surely going to make a great impression on the customers. With respect to wine lovers, who love to drink their wines in style, the Veritas Olive wood boards add additional flavor to the art of home entertaining.  Wine Glass the company, has actually found a unique and value oriented way to make up for the “no free shipping” policy. Since the company deals with wine glasses, decanters and wine accessories, this free gift is surely going to appeal to a whole group of wine lovers who enjoy wines just as much as they enjoy cheese and charcuterie.