Wine Cellar Businesses Can Avoid Costly Stock Problems With SimplyRFID

Business owners can check their inventory levels in seconds — avoiding shortages and missing items — for less than $300 per month, using RFID.

Businesses that deal with consumable stocks like food and beverages need some form of inventory control. Without inventory control, companies risk experiencing a shortage of stocks, overstocks and other costly problems.

SimplyRFID has written a guide on how a wine cellar company can manage its stock using RFID for less than $300 per month when they have Wave RFID.

Moving wine to take inventory will upset the sediment and disrupt the aging process. It also takes a long time to check each bottle. The process involves finding the barcode, scanning the barcode and returning the bottle to its proper place on the shelf.

With Wave RFID, it only takes seconds to record total bottle count by SKU, variety and year. Bottles can easily be located by region, brand, or bottler. Users simply place the tag on the bottle, scan the SKU of the wine bottle with Wave and scan the RFID tag. If the SKU exists in the wine database, all the details about the wine are loaded into the handheld device.

Staff now has the ability to determine stock levels and can make appropriate suggestions about wines that are in stock. Customers will not be disappointed by an item on the menu that the business does not have in stock.

Simply RFID also offers the Popsicle RFID Flag Tag (TF). The Popsicle is the perfect tag for the neck of wine bottles because its clear liner allows users to see the writing and the tag is not impacted by the material of the bottles. Users can quickly apply Popsicle tags to wine bottles thanks to the convenient peel tab. The handle is narrow, making it the ideal size for wine bottle necks.

Using Wave RFID, restaurants can get an accurate daily count of wine and liquor inventory in just a few minutes. At closing, staff can account for any wine that has gone out of stock and update the menu to reflect the available selections. This fast and easy process will become a regular part of the closing process, just like balancing a cash register. It all becomes a reality with Wave RFID.

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