WIMI Sports & Fitness Aims to Revolutionize Elbow Support

WIMI Tennis Elbow System

​​​​The WIMI Sports & Fitness brand has been working diligently to differentiate itself from competitors in the wearable fitness product market. While looking for new ways to innovate in the sports world, the need for effective and affordable elbow support products became apparent. The founders of the WIMI brand are avid tennis players and have noticed the amount of tennis elbow injuries being on the rise.

“So many of my close friends and colleagues have had issues dealing with tennis elbow over the last several years. I wasn't satisfied with the products I was seeing on the market to help with the issue. It became clear that elbow support products was something our company needed to look into. WIMI Sports & Fitness was born with the desire to help soothe the pain of tennis elbow and other such injuries while providing top of the line support to keep players out on the court doing what they love.” - William Hutter of WIMI Sports & Fitness

Giving our customers a great value and making a positive difference in their lives is how we want WIMI Sports & Fitness to stand out from the pack.

Emily Dupre, Co-founder

Creating innovative products in the sports & fitness market began with the idea to help people afflicted with tennis elbow and other similar problems. Further research into the issue shows that most all sports can cause these injuries due to wear and tear over time. The Elbow Support Complete Solution was designed to help minimize pain from all sports injuries, provide unparalleled support and be comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. Whether someone is suffering from tennis elbow, golfer's elbow or other such elbow pain, the complete solution is there on the market to help you through the healing process.

What makes the complete solution a unique value is a low price point combined with top of the line quality. This is also a two-in-one product. There is the compression sleeve that is an excellent companion to help mitigate pain and improve blood flow, and then the elbow brace to target and relieve pain right where it is needed most.

“Offering both the elbow brace and compression sleeve in one low cost package was important to us. We want as many people as possible to be able to have this product. It is important to be able to do what you love and I know this product can be a great help to make people feel more confident in getting active again after an injury. Giving our customers a great value and making a  positive difference in their lives is how we want WIMI Sports & Fitness to stand out from the pack.” - Emily Dupre of WIMI Sports & Fitness

The Elbow Support Complete Solution has been a big hit in the health & fitness market since launching. With thousands of new patients going to their doctors for treatment for tennis elbow each year, the need for products like this is obvious. WIMI isn't stopping there though as they continue to look for new ways to help people with wearable braces. WIMI Sports & Fitness offers 30% off their Elbow Support Complete Solution on Amazon by using code: DSTKOAJE.

There are a range of popular products in their inventory including knee braces and fashionable active wear for men and women. They have also added a wrist support brace designed to support those with tendinitis and other wrist ailments. With new products like the Max Recovery Adjustable Wrist Support brace, WIMI Sports & Fitness aims to continue to revolutionize wearable fitness products in avenues where there is a need.

As WIMI Sports & Fitness continues to aim for innovation, they do so with their own unique perspective.

One of the biggest differences between the WIMI brand and their competitors is that they are a company that is based out of and originated in France. With all of the ideas for products percolating in the minds of the founders of the company, the decision was made to branch out and launch the product line in the United States. There was always a confidence in the products that were being marketed, but it took no small amount of courage and passionate dedication to launch an international product line.

The success has come in waves for WIMI Sports & Fitness, seeing sales tick up steadily and receiving good tidings from satisfied customers. The success in the American market has allowed them to branch out further into Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Italy. With products also available in their native France, the continued growth of the brand has been steady. The company plans to prove itself a major player in the wearable fitness product market for years to come.

Editor's Notes:

Please read more about the WIMI Sports & Fitness brand at https://wimi-fitness.com/

WIMI Sports & Fitness produces many quality products such as compression sleeves, elbow braces, knee braces and other such activewear. With an eye for quality while maintaining affordability, WIMI wants to showcase itself as a name to be trusted in the health & fitness product market.  

Source: WIMI Sports & Fitness

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