Wilshine Events & Associates Attends Leadership Conference

​Three team members from Wilshine Events & Associates recently attended the quarterly leadership conference in Dallas, Texas. To qualify for this function, individuals need to meet milestones and contribute to the firm’s goals. 

“I was pleased to be able to select two account managers to attend this conference with me,” stated Lilit, Wilshine Events & Associates’ Director of Operations. “Anderson and Devvion demonstrated that they are ready to take on more responsibility and become leaders.”

As Lilit noted, Anderson was chosen because of the energy he adds to the Wilshine Events & Associates office. “Anderson is quite proactive,” she said. “He comes to the table with fresh ideas and concepts that are innovative to the core.”

"I was pleased to be able to select two account managers to attend this conference with me."


Director of Operations

Another point that Litlit highlighted was the role Anderson has taken in encouraging good living habits. “In his spare time, Anderson enjoys working out,” she said. “He’s brought his healthy living practices to the office and is encouraging all of us to give them a try. We have a gym right in our office that he uses frequently, and whenever possible, he has team members join him.”

Devvion was the other associate who joined the contingent at the conference. “I would certainly describe Devvion as driven,” Lilit stated. “He is quite motivated to achieve professional growth. He’s quick to embrace opportunities to thrive with our firm. It’s very affirming to our company culture to see someone with enthusiasm like Devvion.”

"The opportunity to attend this conference is significant for most people, especially those who have been at the company only for a short time,” she added. “They were able to network with industry leaders and obtain an overview of the industry and our vision on a much larger scale.”
Wilshine Events & Associates’ Director of Operations Highlights Why Travel Is Good for Teams

Lilit offered that one of the reasons Wilshine Events & Associates’ team members often travel is that the dividends are great. “It’s an investment that has more than been returned,” she said. “I definitely see the value in traveling as a team.”

As Lilit shared, “When we traveled to this conference, we were able to experience new things together. From being in a different environment, to acquiring knowledge, to building our networks, every moment was something unique.”

“I look forward to our next adventure,” Lilit concluded. “It might be another conference or a regional training. It might be an R&R event. Wherever we go, I know that the opportunity will add value to our firm.”

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Wilshine Events Associates, Inc. is an industry leader in on-site promotion. The team’s specialty is building lasting relationships between consumers and brands, which lead to solid revenues and repeat business. Talented brand ambassadors use hard data and innovative ideas to design and execute campaigns that tell engaging brand stories. Their ongoing success has fostered unsurpassed growth. For more information, please visit their website at http://wilshineevents.com.

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