Wilshine Event Associates, Inc. Studies Trends, Adds Talent

Wilshine Event Associates, Inc.'s Director of Operations detailed how company leaders are studying trends in preparation for a successful 2016. She also discussed an upcoming hiring initiative.

​As the leaders at Wilshine Event Associates, Inc. prepare to celebrate the holidays, they are also eyeing breakthrough success in 2016. “To capitalize on our aggressive goals, we need to plan strategically,” stated Lilit, the firm’s Director of Operations. “We have been studying current trends and anticipating what we need to prioritize in the coming year. I believe our efforts will pay off with big wins in the coming months.”

Datafication is one trend Lilit and the rest of the Wilshine Event Associates, Inc. executive team are watching closely. The Director explained, “Everyone knows big data plays an important role in the current business landscape. However, datafication takes things a step further. It basically allows you to understand and predict behaviors by analyzing huge amounts of data in real time. At Wilshine Event Associates, Inc., we think this trend could mean big things in terms of making helpful recommendations to consumers.”

The Internet of Things is another important trend that company leaders at Wilshine Event Associates, Inc. will be watching closely in 2016. “There are so many innovative products that will emerge over the next few years, thanks to how connected all our devices are becoming,” Lilit added. “Supply chains and marketing strategies will change dramatically with the evolution of smart electronics, and we at Wilshine Event Associates, Inc. are excited to see where these developments lead us.”

Wilshine Event Associates, Inc.’s Director Details Hiring Push for Early 2016

Lilit and the other leaders at Wilshine Event Associates, Inc. know their lofty objectives for the coming year can only be met through dedication and hard work. An infusion of new talent will also be required, so company leaders are already beginning the process of identifying top candidates.

The Director explained, “We want to find broadly skilled and passionate people who possess strong collaboration abilities. Our current team performs at such a high level because our associates fuse their unique talents so well. We want to be sure not to disturb the collaborative atmosphere we have created by bringing in ego-driven professionals.”

This hiring initiative is part of company leaders’ plans for a fast start to 2016. Lilit commented, “This has been a record-breaking year for our firm, and we don’t want to waste a bit of the momentum we have created. We are going to make sure that 2016 gets started with a bang, and bringing in the right people to help us do so is imperative.”

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