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A select group of Wilshine Event Associates, Inc. consultants recently attended a conference in Dallas. The firm’s Director of Operations highlighted the attendees and the networking benefits of such events.

“Traveling to industry events is a big part of the Wilshine Event Associates, Inc. developmental approach,” stated Lilit, the firm’s Director of Operations. “A few of our executives attended the Dallas gathering, and they took full advantage of the professional growth potential it offered.” Company leaders are already looking forward to the next big industry conference, and Lilit believes these functions are ideal for gaining extra exposure. She added, “Our company’s reputation grows with each conference we attend.”

Heather S., Omar N., Laura S., and Shaqueal A. were the individuals chosen to go to Dallas. Lilit explained, “These consultants are always the first ones in and the last ones out. They have presented themselves as leaders from the very beginning, and I was excited to give them each an opportunity to continue sharpening their skills.”

"They get to discuss best practices and emerging techniques that are helping other people reach their ambitious goals. Our team of experts always comes back to the office ready to tackle new challenges."


Director of Operations

Networking is another key pursuit at any big industry event, and Wilshine Event Associates, Inc.’s representatives connected with all types of high achievers in Dallas. They gained insights from top leaders and forged relationships with successful peers as well. “It was great for our executives to network on a larger scale at the conference,” the Director remarked. “The new contacts they made will help open unexpected doors in the future for our company and for the brands we represent.”

Wilshine Event Associates, Inc.’s Director of Operations on Networking as Professional Development

The benefits of networking at conferences are many, and Lilit believes that professional development gets a real boost from connecting with other successful people. “Our Wilshine Event Associates, Inc. executives learn so many valuable lessons from the contacts they make at conferences and other big functions,” she said. “They get to discuss best practices and emerging techniques that are helping other people reach their ambitious goals. Our team of experts always comes back to the office ready to tackle new challenges.”

Wilshine Event Associates, Inc.’s consultants also become more adept at describing the company’s unique value when they network at industry conferences. Lilit stated, “This is great for our overall mission because our people have their dedication reaffirmed every time they discuss the innovative services we provide.” The Director believes the entire organization benefits from her team’s networking exploits, along with the brands they represent.

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Wilshine Events Associates, Inc. is an industry leader in on-site promotion. The team’s specialty is building lasting relationships between consumers and brands, which lead to solid revenues and repeat business. Talented brand ambassadors use hard data and innovative ideas to design and execute campaigns that tell engaging brand stories. Their ongoing success has fostered unsurpassed growth. For more information, please visit their website at http://wilshineevents.com.

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