Wilshine Event Associates, Inc. Attends Quarterly Conference

Several team members from Wilshine Event Associates, Inc. recently returned from the quarterly conference in Texas. The interactive marketing firm's managers stated these associates were eager to share what they learned.

“This group is so energized from the conference,” said Lilit, Wilshine Event Associates, Inc.’s Director of Operations. “We’re looking forward to helping everyone set goals to implement this newfound knowledge, which will help brands exceed marketing objectives. Our team is stronger for these industry gatherings.”

Lilit described the conferences as part educational and part networking opportunities. “There are so many good sessions during which our Wilshine Event Associates, Inc. team gather great tips and new techniques that make our approach to marketing more effective,” she stated. “Moreover, they’re meeting with some of the industry’s iconic leaders, and building their professional networks.”

According to Lilit, the art of effective networking is one of the many skills that Wilshine Event Associates, Inc. executives are continually refining. “Networking is often considered a matter of how many business cards you can hand out or collect,” she noted. “It’s much more than that. It’s about making meaningful connections with people and developing mutually beneficial relationships.”

"Networking is often considered a matter of how many business cards you can hand out or collect,"


Director of Operations

“This means getting to know these people, finding common ground by asking the right questions, and listening more than you talk,” she added. “It really is an art.”

Lilit noted that conferences are among a number of travel adventures the team can expect. “We also have road trips to different regions, cross-training events, and more,” she said. “It all helps us bond more as a team for having shared these experiences together.”

Wilshine Event Associates, Inc. Managers Offer Tips for New Business Travelers

As road warriors, Lilit advised that the Wilshine Event Associates, Inc. team has gained a few viable travel tips for new business travelers. “If you plan right, travel time can be very streamlined and productive,” she added. “It’s a matter of being prepared in advance.”

Lilit suggested that whenever possible, avoid checking bags when flying. “You’ll save yourself a good 30 minutes to an hour depending on the airport and how long it takes to unload the plane,” she shared.

In security lines, Lilit recommended looking for people wearing slip-on shoes and getting in line behind them, “This could signal seasoned travelers who will know how to navigate the security line speedily,” she stated. “Avoid getting behind anyone with a stroller. It’s a longer wait.”

As far as layovers and waits are concerned, Lilit’s words of wisdom are to plan for delays. “Have reading materials or technology you can access with you. Also bring earphones or earbuds in order to tune out, especially once you’re on board.”

“Travel can be exciting, especially if you plan well to optimize your time,” she said. “We look forward to every opportunity we have to go forth and learn more in fresh and inspiring places.”

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Wilshine Events Associates, Inc. is an industry leader in on-site promotion. The team’s specialty is building lasting relationships between consumers and brands, which lead to solid revenues and repeat business. Talented brand ambassadors use hard data and innovative ideas to design and execute campaigns that tell engaging brand stories. Their ongoing success has fostered unsurpassed growth. For more information, please visit their website at http://wilshineevents.com.

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