William Rini Lifts the Lid on the Benefits of Buying Local

In an increasingly environmentally conscious climate, more people than ever are making the switch to locally sourced products and produce.

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​It's a rapidly growing trend, especially in the food and drink market, and one which has not gone unnoticed by William Rini, a long-time proponent of dealing with local suppliers.

"Local foods create community and knowing where your food comes from connects you to the people who raised, grew or produced it," explains Rini, the owner of a luxury catering business.

Local foods create community and knowing where your food comes from connects you to the people who raised, grew or produced it.

William Rini, Owner

Over a quarter of Americans now claim to favor local brands and businesses over larger national or international alternatives. That's according to figures by Statista, the market research and business intelligence portal. The majority of those quizzed by the organization also suggested that local suppliers and producers not only offered better quality and value but also provided a more positive overall buying experience.

This comes as no surprise to William Rini, who, as the owner of A Taste of Excellence Catering, is committed to sourcing the finest locally produced food and drink. Based in Strongsville, Ohio, A Taste of Excellence places significant emphasis on the importance of locally sourced produce in order to deliver only the most exquisite regionally inspired cuisine for its clients.

According to further figures from Statista, consumers who are committed to local produce now enjoy locally grown, raised or produced food and drink, on average, twice per week. Around half of all consumers, however, claim to be dissatisfied with the amount of local produce currently available in stores, according to the same statistics.

It's with these figures in mind that savvy restaurant owners and caterers, such as William Rini, have stood to benefit. By incorporating local food and drink into their menus, hospitality businesses like A Taste of Excellence Catering have been able to increase their appeal to environmentally conscious customers. This allows them to offer not only the highest quality and freshest produce available, but produce which has also made it to the table while leaving the smallest possible carbon footprint.

Rini explains, "We're here to deliver quality. We're able to do this by dealing with local producers and vendors, which is something our client base certainly seems to appreciate."

"What's more," he adds, "by dealing with local vendors we can often save our customers money at the same time."

In a recent interview with Crain's Cleveland Business, the region's leading business publication, Rini further explores the shift in public perception as it pertains to food and drink. "Nowadays, people know their wines, they know fine food, and as a result, they're looking for more locally produced goods," he suggests.

"We buy Ohio Proud beef and serve Ohio City Pasta, Lucky Penny Creamery products, and Mitchell's Ice Cream, among other local produce and products," Rini continues.

"Whatever we can source locally, we use," the catering company boss adds in closing.

To learn more about William Rini and A Taste of Excellence Catering, visit http://www.taste-food.com.

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