William Lightner Says Strong Education Background Has Led to Many Awards

When an individual can excel in a high education environment, there will be awards and accolades to follow. William Lightner is the perfect example of when hard work and dedication pays off.

"I've been fortunate enough to attend some higher education institutes and take advantage of their teachings," explains Lightner.

I've always tried to excel in everything I've done. Looking back, I'm lucky to have experienced these obstacles in my life.

William Lightner

Because of Lightner's education background, he has accumulated a few prestigious awards in his lifetime.

Strong Educational Background

From kindergarten through seventh grade, Lightner attended a private Baptist school. After his years at the private school, he went on to Vestal High School, where he graduated.

Lightner then chooses Judson University to further his education into his adult life.

"Judson University was an excellent college for me because they represent the Church at work in a higher education setting," says Lightner.

According to Judson University's website, the institute "equips students to be fully developed, responsible persons who glorify God."

"The university molded me into a young man who was understanding the importance of personal relationships, but also my relationship with God," Lightner explains. "I was fortunate to attend my college education there."

Judson is home to over 1,250 students, so the student to teacher ratio fits well for one-on-one education and guidance. They tout that they are "not too big, not too small."

Out of the more than 50 undergraduate majors available, Lightner chooses Christian Religion and Philosophy studies. Lightner obtained Bachelor of Arts degrees in both fields of education.

To further his college education, Lightner then attended Clarks Summit University for a Master of Arts degree in Divinity.

Also called a Master of Divinity degree (MDiv), it is the first professional degree in the pastoral profession throughout North America. The degree is the general prerequisite for ordination to the priesthood or pastorship or another appointment to licensed ministry.

Continuing Education Through Adult Life And Career

During Lightner's adult life, he made strides in improving his career but also his education. These achievements highlighted by obtaining a Series 6 and Series 63 license as a Financial Advisor for a Wall Street investment firm.

The Series 6 is a license sought by professionals who want to earn a job in the financial world. These positions include financial advisers, retirement plan specialists, investment advisers, and private bankers.

To obtain the Series 6 license, Lightner had to pass the Investment Company/Variable Contracts Products Limited Representative exam. The Series 6 exam, conducted by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), covers topics on mutual funds, variable annuities, and other critical financial issues.

The Series 63 is a securities license letting the holder solicit orders for any security in a particular state. To obtain the license, Lightner had to pass an exam and occupy knowledge of ethical methods and fiduciary obligations.

The exam is also for ensuring that a candidate is worthy enough to sell investment products and unit investment trusts. It also covers the principles of state security regulations.

"Having to pass these two exams were extremely tough," remembers Lightner. "If I wanted to continue to build my resume and work on Wall Street, I had to pass these two exams. The hard work paid off."

Awards Earned Throughout Lightner's Career

While Lightner earned his degrees and certifications over his life, he has also achieved several awards.

First, Lightner earned a promotion in the United States Army for being a distinguished honor graduate after finishing first in his class.

After his military career, Lightner went on to earn Top Salesman of the Year four straight years at Kirby Vacuums. He also won Salesman of the Month 47 times out of 48 months.

To add to his already impressive resume, Lightner tops it off by winning three State Championships in chess, placing third in the U.S. Nationals.

"I've always tried to excel in everything I've done," concludes Lightner. "Looking back, I'm lucky to have experienced these obstacles in my life."

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