William Lightner Has History of Being Distinguished Evangelist and Motivational Speaker

Some people dedicate their lives to helping people and spreading the word of God. William Lightner has traveled the world, making a difference as a traveling evangelist and motivational speaker. Through these two careers, he has made a significant impact on the people he's spoken in front of in different countries.

Selected as a traveling evangelist through Lay Witness Mission, Lightner began his career. He has also spoken in 28 different countries. Also, he has worked as an overseas missionary.

While Lightner has had many moments to work with many people throughout the globe, his experience with Lay Witness Mission holds a proper position in his heart.

Lightner's Experiences With Lay Witness Mission

The idea of Lay Witness Mission is to help people seeking ways to learn what it means for them to live as committed followers of Jesus Christ in the world today. They urge people to take time to listen and to tell God's love throughout their lives.

Another outlook of Lay Witness Mission is helping followers talk to others what Jesus Christ means to them. Also, how the good news of the Gospel makes a difference in their everyday life.

Finally, Lightner and the mission helped people receive faith, appreciate fellowship, and pray with Jesus as their center of worship. All of these efforts have helped people live a sounder life and become better disciples of Jesus.

Also, the Lay Witness Mission is a terminal for evangelism that supports people to share the gospel journeys with each other. Another look is consolidating a model for expanding out to colleagues, acquaintances, families, and partners by inviting them into residences for friendship and discussion.

"This requires the gathering in prayer services that became an active part of a healthy church," Lightner remarks.

Before Lightner was able to move with Lay Witness Mission around the globe, he had to go through a six-month development stage. This adaptation included a weekend spiritual renewal experience, and a time of follow up.

Lightner Provides Ways to Succeed As Evangelist And Speaker

When describing his ways of preaching to large groups, Lightner stresses three elements.

"There are three main factors every speaker or evangelist should consider," explains Lightner. "My three are being personal with the crowd, show passion, and be powerful with your words. A person of God must show these three keys. And then they can deliver any message and make sure the message is understood."

Not only has Lightner spoken in front of followers of God, he has spoken with preachers about their sermons.

"People of the church want to learn something," says Lightner. "They want to leave that sermon with a powerful message they can carry out into their daily lives."

Lightner says the key is showing passion and making the message current about the people in that room. If the people feel the message is personal, they will hold it with them forever.

This thinking and preaching ideas have carried over into the groups Lightner participates in.

Lightner Important Piece Of Many Leadership Teams

The leadership teams Lightner are involved with, like Lay Witness Mission, are formed up of several directors and team members. The supervisors are persons who dedicate themselves to fulfilling the Great Commission by participating their faith in Jesus Christ.

"This arrangement is for the backing of the body of Christ and renewal of the church," describes Lightner. "Directors become carefully picked, and I was lucky to be accepted."

Finally, after being prayerfully elected, these team members display openness and enthusiasm. They also share their backgrounds through prayer.

"Also, they study to walk with Jesus and to allow the Holy Spirit to guide them," Lightner states. "I am honored to be connected with such a great group of followers. They are one organization I love doing work for."

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