Will Job Aggregator Sites Change the Way We Look for Jobs?

Professionals who are looking to venture back into the job market, or newly qualified individuals who may be new to the world of job search may feel slightly intimidated by the prospect of job hunting. It's no easy endeavour, as a combination of factors add to the complication of job search: stiff competition from other job seekers as well as too many sites to navigate around in order to find something that is suitable.

The burdensome task is somewhat alleviated by on line job aggregator sites (or job search engines), where the applicant has immediate access to a host of relevant listings. A job search engine seeks to address the needs of job seekers, and aims to make the job search much easier through a combination of convenience and efficiency. These sites aggregate job postings from South Africa’s leading job boards and recruitment websites and invites recruiters to sign up with them. Once a recruiter posts a job ad, the job is distributed to multiple job boards and social networks.

Both recruiters and job seekers benefit from these sites as they are able to strategically assist recruiters to target the exact kind of candidate required for a job.

Job aggregator sites contain myriad benefits, including: the job seeker is able to save time, energy and effort as they do not have to browse through hundreds of different sites to find vacancies – a job aggregator site is basically a one-stop shop. Only relevant job vacancies are posted, and new listings are posted immediately. In addition, job seekers are able to browse available vacancies by sector and geographical location, and they will receive job alerts as soon as new listings become available.

In today’s world, individuals are all about convenience and efficiency, and job aggregators, like Zigo, are able to provide a user-friendly and proficient platform to cater to these ever evolving needs.

About Zigo

Zigo is a job aggregator site that was founded in 2010. The company is based in South Africa and has branched out into the UK and USA. Zigo contains listings for available vacancies that are pulled from renowned recruitment websites and career boards. For more information on Zigo’s services, please visit www.zigo.co.za