Wilbur-Ellis Signs Distribution Agreement With EcoClear Products for Non-Toxic VoleX™

VoleX: Safe for use around people, pets, livestock and wildlife

EcoClear Products announces that Wilbur-Ellis, one of the world's largest family-owned companies, has signed a distribution agreement for VoleX™, a non-toxic solution for eliminating voles. As a company built on innovative technology and protecting the environment, Wilbur-Ellis offers a wide selection of effective, sustainable solutions for agricultural needs. These shared values make EcoClear Products and Wilbur-Ellis a well-matched partnership.  

VoleX™ is a poison-free, biodegradable, patented pellet designed to safely eliminate voles without posing risk to birds of prey, wildlife or crops. It contains water-resistant ingredients, preventing the pellets from easily washing away during outdoor use. As a company focused on safer, more eco-friendly solutions to common pest problems, EcoClear is happy to offer VoleX™ as a solution. 

About EcoClear Products

EcoClear Products is dedicated to innovating effective pest and rodent control products that are safe for use around people, pets, livestock and wildlife. The EcoClear team's chemists are passionate about creating environmentally conscious products and have received four Presidential Green Chemistry awards. EcoClear provides consumers and professionals excellent alternatives to harmful rodenticides and insecticides. For more information, visit www.ecoclearproducts.com.

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Source: EcoClear Products