Why Wizy.io Makes Gmail for Work Better

A team of Google Apps for Work experts upgrades Gmail to a complete email productivity app for both individuals and enterprises

After seven years as one of the largest European Google Apps partners, the team behind Wizy.io creates the ultimate tool to take control of Gmail on your desktop. Following the GCP NEXT conference, the group releases its new product built on the Google Cloud Platform. The new Wizy.io app is the first step to bringing machine learning intelligence to increase workplace productivity for individuals and teams.

The Wizy.io group, led by CEO Laurent Gasser, came from the European company Revevol. They helped several hundred companies move to Google. They trained thousand of customers and migrated hundreds of application to the Google Cloud Platform. Using their expertise, they tested several products on the market over the last year. The group saw a real need for a product that will give Gmail users the capacity to use their email as a business-grade productivity tool.

Wizy.io makes Gmail more flexible by giving back control to the user. The Chrome extension gathers the most requested Gmail features into one single product. This includes essential elements of Inbox, like reminders and snooze, and must-have business features: email tracking, shared email templates, mail merge, and a contact management sidebar. The app provides advanced user management and team analytics.

Wizy.io is available to individuals, teams and Google Apps domains. This is product that brings Gmail to an enterprise level.

About Wizy.io: Founded in early 2015, Wizy.io brings together one of the most experienced teams of Google Apps experts in the world. CEO Laurent Gasser brought to Google 70% of Google Apps’ early adopters. He was founder of Revevol, the largest Google Apps reseller in the EMEA. His co-founders at wizy.io are Mohamed Bahri and Jérémy Rochot, both also from Revevol, and Gino Tria, winner of the Google Apps Developer Challenge 2012 for South East Asia and Laurent’s colleague at Collabspot, a startup B2B SaaS.

About Wizy.io

Wizy.io makes Gmail more flexible by giving back control to the user

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