Why Web Conferencing with PresentAll has become integral in todays business world

Many businesses are now moving to web conferencing instead of face to face meetings. Web conferencing with PresentAll allows individuals to meet online quickly and efficiently.

Web conferencing and online meetings are changing the way that businesses operate on a day to day basis. It is estimated that by the year 2013, 75% of all businesses will communicate using online meetings or online web conferencing. There are many advantages to being able to communicate online in a meeting setting. Online video conferencing now even allows participants to view each other face to face. Benefits such as reaching many more people in different geographic locations and training sales teams remotely without the expense of travel are some of the advantages that are making online conferencing and webinars so vital in the business world. Web conferencing also builds trust and more synergy throughout a company. Meetings can be held more often and be much more effective. Employees no longer miss 3 hours of work traveling to attend a 45 minute meeting. Joining a meeting online is simple and some online conferencing solutions do not even require downloads prior to joining a meeting.

Online video conferencing supports the fast paced business environment that we all now live in. As technology continues to advance, many companies have to adjust to changing surroundings. Online meetings are one of the ways that businesses are changing and they are changing very quickly. When searching out a video conferencing solution it is important to look for a company that is flexible, dependable, and reliable. There are many options available and it is important to search out the best one for your individual needs. There are many features to consider when searching for video conferencing software. Ease of use and strengths and weaknesses of each company can be different.

When choosing a web conferencing service it is important to know what is available and what will best suit your individual business needs. PresentAll is a browser based online conferencing service. PresentAll does not require downloads for participants to join a meeting. The service is easy to use and there are many dynamic features available through PresentAll. Meeting needs can range from training to product demonstration and with PresentAll you get the both of best worlds. You can easily upload a presentation to the content library so that it is ready to present from any computer anytime or share your desktop using the desktop sharing feature. With built in VoIP you can communicate with audio and stream a live video at the same time. PresentAll also allows you to upload recorded videos to the content library and share them with your online participants.

Webinars with streaming video and recorded video playback makes PresentAll an excellent choice for your service provider. PresentAll makes online meetings fast, efficient, and effective by making the program user friendly and feature rich. Online conferencing provides a convenient service for users to enjoy. PresentAll takes the convenience to an entire different level and allows businesses to brand the service with their own logos.

For your next meeting try PresentAll and see the difference for yourself. For more information visit http://presentall.com or call 801-228-1736.

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