Why Thousands of People Can't Wait to Play the 'I AM' Cards Game

This new game is intriguing, engaging, fun, and inspiring. It focuses on encouragement, fun, and bonding with a simple deck of cards.

'I AM' card game

Throwing their hat into the crowdfunding ring with plans for a Kickstarter campaign, the makers of the new trading card game, “I AM” have something more up their sleeve. Watch a video demonstration here.

Designed to be a gamechanger in the mindset wellness space, their goal is to use the crowdfunding site to bring the game from its current beta state to players who want to take entertainment, and positivity to a new level. They also have personalized edition exclusive for Kickstarter backers.

The I AM Trading Card Game is Set to Hit the Ground Running to Help Build Positive Self-Images via Kickstarter Soon. It is designed around building a winning hand out of the card deck. The premise is deceptively easy, but founder and inventor Ipoola Gbayike assures players this is anything but the truth.

“I and my team designed this game to incorporate strategies and thinking skills while at the same time producing a positive message for those who may be down or struggling in a personal way. This game is designed for any time there is a gathering of friends or families who are looking to bond more closely together,” said Gbayike.

Each deck of 54 cards has specialized cards that allow players to enhance the gaming experience. These cards form the basis of the strategy that is so important in understanding and playing I AM. Each of the specialized card sets has a statement of inspiration, purpose, a dare or allows a user to ask questions. Each of the card mechanics has a benefit and a penalty.

“It is the benefits and penalties which make the game more exciting and provide an opportunity to grow as a person. Along the way, there is considerable fun to be had by anyone who is playing,” continued Gbayike.

The team has already taken a very huge first step in preparing people for the game itself. They have created a strategy guide e-book and placed it on the website. Trading card gamers and card game enthusiasts are encouraged to visit the site and http://www.playtheiam.com in preparation for the release of I AM.

“The card game is scheduled for release via Kickstarter campaign on March 3, 2020. We look forward to you visiting our site and getting a copy of the e-book. There is also a place to sign up to get a notification on Launch Date,” said Gbayike.

About I AM playing cards game:

I AM is a family-focused card game, inspired to provide the players with lots of entertainment, and it has the potential to improve and transform lives.

Learn more at www.playtheiam.com.


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