Why Microlearning in the Classroom is Gaining Popularity

As the name implies, microlearning is learning that occurs in small chunks and in a short time span

Haileybury - Private School in Melbourne

New techniques are continuously being developed to improve how students learn and retain information. According to one of the top private schools Melbourne-wide, Haileybury, it is already understood that students absorb and understand better when learning is spread over time.

Microlearning is a student-centric learning strategy involving small, focused lessons and Haileybury says it is a useful and effective learning tool as it captures and maintains student attention, increases interest in the content, enhances retention and recollection of material and addresses different learning styles.

Renowned as the best private school Melbourne-wide, Haileybury explains that microlearning is characterised by features including short activities, single learning objectives, various formats and mobile learning, where students can access microlearning modules using their smartphones and other digital devices.

The concept of microlearning is based on psychologist George Miller's concept of chunking. Miller identified that the brain can generally retain between five and nine things in working memory, after which the information either needs to be converted to long-term memory or it will be forgotten.

The short, sharp sessions involved in microlearning at Haileybury are designed to be easier for the student to absorb when they later explore specific topics in more depth with their teachers in the classroom. The theory is that children make connections more easily because they already comprehend key points or ideas.

Microlearning has become increasingly popular due to virtual learning and as Haileybury points out, it can be implemented in any learning environment from a traditional classroom to a virtual one. It allows students to learn in user-friendly snapshots, helping them to filter out irrelevant information and reducing the chances of them losing focus. Haileybury says it also helps to create a personalised learning experience.

Experts say microlearning is particularly suited to younger generations who have grown up navigating the digital world as they are used to being delivered information in short bursts.

Confirming its reputation as the leading private school Melbourne-wide, Haileybury continues to provide innovative learning opportunities for students and believes microlearning will become more popular in the future as it enables students to find their own formula for learning, which is essential to achieve their education goals.

Source: Haileybury


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