Why Mary-Kate Olsen (And Other Young Women) Are Tying The Knot With Daddy Figures

In this episode of Ask Dr. Love radio, Dr. Jamie Turndorf discusses why Mary-Kate and other young women are turning to older men as life partners.

Why is Mary-Kate Olsen, a beautiful, successful and wealthy celebrity getting hitched to a guy who's old enough to be her dad?

Millions of women choose older men as life partners and spouses partly because older guys are often more able to provide financial safety and security.

But Mary-Kate doesn't need a guy to support her financially! So what's her reason?

Expanding on her exclusive interview in the Enquirer Magazine, Dr. Turndorf discusses Mary-Kate's old abandonment scar from childhood, which may explain her wish to tie the knot with a guy who's old enough to be her dad.

Tune in as Dr. Turndorf unravels this mystery and also reveals all the reasons why so many women are going for older guys.

Dr. Turndorf also explains what younger guys can do to be more appealing to younger women.

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