Why & How to Sue Your Lawyer

Sometimes, attorneys make mistakes just like any other professional. If a lawyer completely mishandles your case, you may consider suing him or her for legal malpractice.

Individuals can sue their lawyer for malpractice if their lawyer made considerable errors while representing the case. Examples are: missing deadlines, failing to respond to communicate adequately, failing to properly educate clients about their case, or settling the case without the client's permission.

If a lawyer did not represent their client properly, chances are clients were harmed in the procedure. The lawyer may be accountable for the loss. However, prior to suing your lawyer, it may be valuable to try other alternatives first. "First, talk about fee dispute with the lawyer or consider fee arbitration. Clients can report possible ethics violation to the bar association and retain another attorney to prevent further damage to a continuing case. If these alternatives do not resolve the issues, suing the attorney for legal malpractice may be the best decision. This kind of case may be difficult to prove and complainants will need to investigate the possibilities of success prior to proceeding." says Legal Malpractice Lawyer, Katherine Jay.

Each case is diverse, but legal malpractice normally falls under 3 classifications: negligence, breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty. To win a malpractice case, it is important that the attorney owed a responsibility to competently represent his client, the attorney made an error or breached the responsibility owed to his or her client, and the lawyer's mistake caused measurable damages.

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