Why Do Computers Get Slower Over Time

Remember when you first brought your computer how fast it ran, then over time it moves so slow.

Remember when you first bought your computer how fast it moved? It didn't matter how many programs were up and running at the same time. No matter what you were doing, your computer kept up with you. That's what you bought it for, right?

Over time, your computer started to slow down. As far as you could tell you have not done anything different to cause it to slow down. Eventually, it starts to crawl, where the thought of working with it became unbearable. You may have tried to do some different things like cleaning up your temporary Internet files and deleting extra programs you no longer need. Even after all this the computer runs slow. The option to replace the laptop or computer in can be very expensive.

What you need is a PC Tune Up. The computer technicians at Village Tech can provide you with a Computer Tune Up. So you can get your computer running back to its full speed.


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