Why 97% of MLM Marketers Fail And How To Avoid Failure

There are three common mistakes that MLM marketers make which cause about 97% of them to fail. Here are three simple steps you can take to position yourself among the 3% of marketers who make it.

Fact number 1. There are currently 63,600,000 search results for "business opportunities" on Google. (yes 63 MILLION!)
Fact number 2. There are probably thousands upon thousands of people who are promoting the same exact thing or program you are.
Fact number 3. 97% of these marketers are promoting their product and opportunity to the world without providing any reason as to why a prospect should join their particular business opportunity.

How many reps do you think Herbalife has? Or how about Monavie? Now, if you represent any of these, what makes you so special as to why a prospect should join under you versus your neighbor down the street? How is it that a person can come into any MLM and make a killing recruiting new members while others struggle to drag their friends and family into a hotel meeting? I know I, Gerardo Flores, have been there more often than I care to remember!

The problem is that most people coming into an MLM are not ready to be business owners. They very much have an "employee" mindset. If they can't be guaranteed a check at the end of the week, they cannot see the potential of making in one month, what they make in a year in income.

The time for change is here! There is hope to grow our business to proportions that to most are unimaginable! I will give you three easy steps to start recruiting ASAP. And please, these are techniques that I've learned from the experts at marketing. So treat them with value as these techniques are what a lot of people would consider "secrets".

Step 1. And THE most important step you can ever take. (Do this as a "life style" and not just a one time thing.) Study and be mentored by professional marketers. Read anything and everything you possibly can on marketing. Grow your knowledge. Team up with master marketers, because your associations will represent your lifestyle and your status. I cannot stress this step enough! Be knowledgeable, and provide value to people. And prospects will come to you.

Step 2. Market your "KNOWLEDGE" and not your opportunity. What? Am I crazy? You might think. In all honesty, people are bombarded with "opportunities" ALL THE TIME! Its to the point that it doesn't matter if your company is in pre-launch. Whether Michael Jordan takes your supplement. Whether your commission structure is binary or whatever they may call it now a days. What matters to people is; What kind of support will I receive? What kind of leadership will I have? How will you help me establish a business and market it? If you know how to market, prospects will come to you to learn how to do just that. At the same time, they will want to know what YOU are doing and what YOU are marketing. Therefore, they become YOUR prospects, and YOUR leads.

Step 3. Master 1 or 2 marketing systems before you use several systems. One big challenge marketers face is that the internet is saturated with advertising opportunities. So many ways to get your product out there. So many that it can be very overwhelming to choose which is the best. Fact is that there are several effective, even free, systems you can utilize to get your business in the face of prospects. The challenge comes when you try to juggle too many at the same time, because then you master none of your marketing systems. So choose which medium you will use to market. Once you start generating leads, then you can move on to the next system to create more leads. They say that "a jack of all trades is master in none". So choose wisely, work it, and master it.

There you go ladies and gentlemen. I have to be honest. I did deceive you when I said that they were easy steps. Reason I say that is because although they are very simple things you should do, most people will not do it because they want results NOW. And they just want to sell products and make commissions. Very understandable, however most people still believe that a lazy couch potato could make millions pushing buttons! It does take WORK, DILIGENCE, and DEDICATION to master the art of marketing and drive traffic to your website. Until next time.. Happy marketing!!