Why 3Win's CCELL Vape Technology Dominates the Cannabis World With 9 out of 10 Brands and Over 77% of Vape Hardware Marketshare in California

3Win Certified CCELL Distribution Explains Vape Technology Phenomena

 In today's booming cannabis industry, consumers have various methods of consuming cannabis products: smoking flower, edibles, tinctures, topicals, etc. But more and more commonly, "vaping" oil with the use of a cartridge and a battery, is now the most popular trend in the cannabis space from coast to coast. 

In the early days of medical and recreational cannabis, the level of vape cartridge failure was notably high, and customer satisfaction was below average. The industry needed a leader, and then, in 2016, the CCELL product line took over the cannabis industry. Due to rigorous testing, CCELL built the most reliable cartridge on the market, with an almost 0% failure rate, then showed the ability to scale mass production to serve the largest customers on the market. The industry response was incredible and the industry leader was born. In the key cannabis consumption states such as California, a shocking 77% of vape technology imports are CCELL products, 75% in Nevada, and 72% in Washington (according to Smoore 2020 research).

"Now, the expectation and wish list of our clients is to have the ultimate cartridge, that can deliver quality with almost any oil type, and help build a brand," Christopher Sinacori, CEO of 3Win Corp, smiled and said, "and we are definitely accomplishing that task."

Sinacori explains how "it's so important to keep a finger on the pulse of safety standards and what cannabis licensees and brands need for the future growth. We feel so fortunate to be in the cannabis space, and we are constantly looking for next-generation solutions. 3Win is constantly investing in R&D to keep leading the industry. CCELL's quality standards and commitment to safety are light years ahead of all other companies in the manufacturing space. Top brands depend on the safety and quality that CCELL hardware delivers. Don't settle for copy cat or fake CCELL cartridges, indulge in the real premier CCELL cartridge. CCELL has proven time and time again, that it's the industry's top vape cartridge, and the tool of success for leaders in the industry."

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Carly Bodmer
Communications Director, 3Win Corp

Source: 3Win Corp

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