Whole Health JC Offers Revitalizing IV Therapy in Jefferson City & Columbia, Missouri

As of Today, Whole Health JC Offers 19 IV Drips and Counting

Whole Health JC

For years, Whole Health JC has used integrative medicine to help their patients take back control of their health and wellness. One of the clinic's key treatments is IV Therapy, which reintroduces and balances vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in the body.

IV Therapy allows for nutrients to work faster and more efficiently. Today, Whole Health JC is recognized as Central Missouri's only physician-administered and monitored Ketamine IV clinic located in Jefferson City, MO, near Columbia, MO. Along with this prestigious title, the clinic also offers 19+ different IV drips, including: 

  • Immune Booster IV
  • Ketamine IV
  • Migraine Relief IV
  • Pain Relief IV
  • Stress & Anxiety IV
  • Weight Loss IV

The goal of IV Therapy is to relieve aches, pains, and inconsistencies that are caused by vitamin deficiencies. They are also used by patients who need an extra boost of vitamins in their system, such as hard-working athletes or those who suffer from medical issues such as thyroid disorders.

Since IVs can speed up the absorption of essential minerals and vitamins, it is an extremely beneficial process for patients who struggle to take in enough vitamins from their diet alone. Through these revitalizing therapies, patients will replenish their internal supply of nutrients and revitalize their health.

For questions or to schedule a free consultation, you can call Dr. Jen at 573-893-5500. 

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Whole Health JC is a Medical Clinic, Media Spa, Integrative Medicine provider, & Gynecologist in Jefferson City & Columbia, MO.

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