Who Will Win the 2016 United States Presidential Election? World Class Psychic Petrene Soames Knows the Answer

Renowned psychic Petrene Soames says that Hillary Clinton will win this year's U.S. presidential election.

Who Will Win the 2016 United States Presidential Election? World Class Psychic Petrene Soames Knows the Answer

Psychic and paranormal expert ​Petrene Soames is announcing that the outcome to this year’s U.S presidential election is already predestined and that Hillary Clinton will win. She further noted that people need to step back from their perceptions and understand that the world is moving in the right direction. Soames, who is not politically inclined, felt when she received this information that she should share it publically.

“I never comment on politics but I received this information in a rather unusual way and decided to speak out,” says Soames. “I truly believe that the outcome of the election has already been predestined. Hillary Clinton will be the next president and it will move us in a positive direction.”

Originally from England, Soames has had a fascinating and colorful career. For more than 20 years, Soames has been a leading authority in healing, self-awareness, and multi-dimensional reality. Her unique practices and insights, drawn from every realm of human sciences studies and beyond, have helped countless people worldwide. One of her most significant abilities is her practice of regression and progression - a deep relaxation and visualization process - in which she takes clients into the future of both their present and after-lives as well as their past. Soames’ appearances on more than 35 television shows and over 200 radio shows have helped and inspired millions of people. She is also an author of more than 100 articles and books including “The Essence of Self- Healing", "50 Ways to Fix Your Life" and "The Process.”

Soames is available for radio, television and print press interviews about her upcoming prediction on the presidential election. For more information about Soames and her services, visit TimeisMine.com.

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Born in England and widely traveled, Petrene Soames now lives in The Woodlands, Texas.  Petrene is known as a therapist, healer, consultant, world class psychic and paranormal expert. She is a known radio and television talk show personality, author, speaker and more. For more information, visit TimeisMine.com.

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