Who Says Women Don't Know Baseball: Rasheeda Cooper Becomes Latest New York Yankees Fan to Host Devotional Blog Site

Rasheeda Cooper created a new blog titled Bomber Boulevard October 2010, for devoted baseball fans of the New York Yankees. The blog provides news and information, game analysis and reactions, the latest Yankees updates and opinion pieces.

At age 36, Rasheeda Cooper is making a career change; stepping away from her job as an administrative assistant to become an unofficial blogger for her favorite team, the New York Yankees.

Born, raised and still residing in the Bronx, Cooper has followed the Yankees and their history since childhood. She was inspired to create her own blog site after posting blogs on the MyYESNetwork.com fan page. Cooper enjoyed reading the blogs of other fans and those of official contributors to the YES network. She decided to combine her writing skills and joy of discussing anything pertaining to the Yankees, to create a similar forum. "Once I began getting reactions to my work from other bloggers on the fan page, I became excited," Cooper says. "I knew that this was what I wanted to do."

Although there are several blogs available on the web that are dedicated to the New York Yankees, not many of the more popular ones are created by women. Cooper welcomes the prospect of becoming a pioneer in that arena. "Maybe Bomber Boulevard will inspire other women to create their own Yankees blog. You know, not just write a blog on someone else's site, but create a site of their own. Women follow the Yankees and fill up as many seats at Yankees Stadium as men do."

For more information contact:

Rasheeda Cooper at (347) 597-6770
Email: coop_ra@hotmail.com
Website: http://bomberboulevard.blogspot.com

About Bomber Boulevard

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