Who Makes the Best Artificial Grass?: Superiority of USA-Made Turf vs Chinese-Made Turf

Who Makes The Best Artificial Grass

There’s only one company in the industry that offers a complete 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and its name is Arizona Luxury Lawns. With over 45 years of combined experience, the A.L.L. team has been committed to providing the utmost quality turf that money can buy, and are committed to supplying the best artificial grass Scottsdale and the best artificial turf Phoenix residents have ever seen. In fact, A.L.L. services are so popular that celebrity clients from out of state reach out for help when transforming their properties into something special.

It’s well-known in this industry, that when buying turf goods manufactured in China, it’s safe to assume that the customer never knows exactly what he or she is going to receive. Reduced safety standards and cutting corners to reduce costs greatly affect the integrity of the product. With Arizona Luxury Lawns, customers know exactly what they pay for, their artificial golf turf, playground grass, athletic fields, and lawn grass are made right here in the USA, with a heavy metal-free certification. Guaranteed never to fade, and with a lifespan of up to 20 years, their products provide the best grass for Arizona and all lawns across the nation. Every blade of 100% recyclable turf is allergen-free and will never require the use of pesticides, making it safe for pets and children. Aside from the health and aesthetic benefits, artificial grass adds value to the property. With superior, American-made turf, customers can expect to see a return on investment in just 3-5 years.

Anyone can benefit from changing their lawns to synthetic grass, so long as it’s sourced from a reputable manufacturer. Golfers who are sick of filling in divots on the green or homeowners who would rather spend their weekends relaxing than mowing the lawn will reap the benefits. Cut out those landscaping and water bills and save big with USA-made, premium artificial turf! Safety is something that should never be compromised, and Arizona Luxury Lawns believes that safety comes first without cutting any corners. Visit their site today and learn about how Arizona Luxury Lawns offers only the best, domestically-produced artificial turf!

Source: Arizona Luxury Lawns