White Widow Expands Its Universe With Massive Spin-Off Hitting Stores in Time for Holidays

Absolute Comics Universe Continues String of Hits with Latest Expansion and Lineup Addition

White Widow #5

Absolute Comics Group, a division of Red Giant Entertainment Inc, today announced that their breakout hit comic book WHITE WIDOW, has expanded with the launch of its direct spin-off title, I MAKE BOYS CRY #1 and continued expansion across the line.

“White Widow has grown beyond any expectations,” stated series writer, co-creator Benny R. Powell. “The title is the backbone of our entire line-up. Retailers and readers have fallen in love with her. It only made sense to launch a new title created by the same team.”

WHITE WIDOW #5 and I MAKE BOYS CRY #1 will reach retailers worldwide on Nov. 25, 2020 – a day before Thanksgiving and two days before Black Friday, the largest consumer shopping day of the year. Additionally, Absolute titles set in the same universe will ship new issues of AMPED, Darchon, Duel Identity, First Defense, Katrina, Wayward Legends, Absolute Flipbook and Wayward Sons.

Created by Jamie Tyndall and Benny Powell, WHITE WIDOW follows the adventures of Gabrielle Garcia, a typical American girl who suddenly was transformed into the super-powered White Widow after her father's murder. I MAKE BOYS CRY is a direct spin-off and centers around a school that trains young women to become elite, covert operatives and use these highly-skilled young women to guide the course of human history.

The first issue of WHITE WIDOW had a total circulation of over 70,000 and had to go to a second printing immediately. The second issue surpassed this high watermark and had a circulation exceeding 75,000 with a second printing also being necessary! Its third issue surpassed 85,000 and fourth issue passed 88,000 in their circulations. The circulation for its fifth issue exceeds 90,000, I MAKE BOYS CRY has higher circulation than White Widow’s first issue with more than 87,000. These impressive circulations would place these titles within the top ten titles.

The rest of the titles have similarly benefited from this association, with most of their first issues selling out. DUEL IDENTITY, already had a two-part crossover in WHITE WIDOW and DARCHON will crossover with its next issue!

“This is nothing new, and it is a large reason for Marvel’s comics line success in the 60s,” explained Powell. “Their title, Fantastic Four, was the biggest hit in their lineup, so they would make crossovers with Spider-Man or the Hulk. They carried this model over in their shared universe approach to their movies.”

“In a market where DC Comics, the current #2 publisher, has been making massive cuts to staff and rumored to be contracting their line down to only a few core print titles,” continued Powell. “We are more than happy to help fill any potential voids as we continue expanding.”

The line is being developed for film and television by Intrinsic Value’s Isen Robbins and Aimee Schoof.

Source: Absolute Comics Group


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