Which Vendors Are Perceived as Ready for the Cloud: AGFA HealthCare’s Enterprise Imaging Customers Show Confidence in AGFA HealthCare’s Cloud Strategy, Reports KLAS Research

Entitled “Imaging in the Cloud 2024”, the segment insights report from KLAS Research focuses on healthcare organizations’ perceptions of their imaging vendors’ cloud strategies.

The report’s intention is to offer an overview of the state of cloud adoption to organizations who are considering the cloud. It is well known that the U.S. healthcare imaging market is making moves to transition to cloud; in numbers, when asked about their organisation’s cloud road map, close to two-thirds of the 228 sites interviewed are either using the cloud for diagnostic image viewing and/or storage, or are likely to start using the cloud within the next three years.

By further building on these market insights, KLAS Research offers a series of validated customer viewpoints to help the care providers assess the readiness of vendors for the cloud.

As organizations transition, it is indeed critical for them to choose a vendor that provides not only a reliable cloud solution, but also strategic guidance to ensure a successful migration.

As a vendor with a unique foothold in the Enterprise Imaging market, and more than a century of expertise in imaging, AGFA HealthCare has confidence that its Enterprise Imaging Cloud (SaaS) provides better cost control, faster scalability, higher reliability and uptime, on-going infrastructure security, and a carefree operating lifecycle. As a bold contender in this domain, we are welcoming this newly issued KLAS report, which puts the voice of our customers first. It collates the views from our customers on their journey to the Cloud and our company’s readiness to bring them to success. 

In the section Executive Insights, KLAS reports AGFA HealthCare “Instills Confidence in Customers Thanks to Thoughtful Approach to Cloud”, a statement supported by 80% of our customers. When asked to elaborate, customers explained that AGFA HealthCare “has been methodical about understanding the challenges of moving to the cloud, testing and benchmarking their cloud platform, and collaborating with customers to ensure whatever model is deployed is right for them”. As attested in the report, we are naturally delighted that our efforts have resulted in such a testament – namely: “AGFA customers frequently considering the cloud and having high confidence in the vendor’s cloud strategy.”

The report progresses to address vendors’ strategies in turn. When asked on the level of confidence in AGFA HealthCare’s strategy for imaging in the Cloud, one interviewee conveyed: “the vendor is well ahead of the competitors that we have seen up to this point” and “I have been watching and advising AGFA HealthCare on development matters for the last two years, and they are on target with their strategy and execution thus far.”

Another customer was keen to express their take on the communication strengths of AGFA HealthCare as a vendor: “One thing that helps with trust in AGFA HealthCare is their annual user conference where they talk about plans and structure and take feedback. We attended that conference, and they presented their cloud strategy. The vendor uses trusted cloud vendors. They do thorough latency testing on cloud access from around the world. They also meet with us on a regular basis. We have a dedicated resource, and we talk about our future strategy; we know where we are going.”

It is clear from these customers’ open dialogue, that partnerships and consultative guidance are important to healthcare providers, and that AGFA has shone through in providing a high level of counsel and support: “We have had good discussions with AGFA, and I feel like they are going down a good path with the cloud. They have been able to answer our questions, but they also bring things to our attention to think about.”  

From our own studies and on-site conversations, we know that, in today’s complex healthcare landscape, no one likes uncertainty. From costs to availability, Enterprise Imaging Cloud makes sure that the customer knows exactly what they are getting - with no ‘surprise’ expenses for migrations, software upgrades, or hardware refreshes. One report extract depicts: “AGFA HealthCare has talked a lot about the cloud, so we are very confident at this point. I believe the vendor is looking at the right pathway in terms of looking at cloud strategies from an engineering standpoint. We all face challenges with local storage versus cloud-based storage and solutions, and the vendor has the flexibility to be able to provide an additional viewing platform to our clinicians through the cloud.”  

Another customer expressed: “We talk about our future strategy; we know where we are going. We feel that we have a close partnership; the vendor isn’t forcing a cloud solution on us like some of our other vendors are. We have options.”

As part of our Cloud value proposition, AGFA HealthCare takes care of all the deployment, performance monitoring, support and upgrade requirements for Enterprise Imaging Cloud solution – committing to deliver a seamless operating experience. Data protection and infrastructure security are supported by AGFA HealthCare’s dedicated experts and AGFA’s public cloud infrastructure provider. One extract says: “Moving to the cloud is something that AGFA HealthCare has done very methodically; they are very concerned about the user experience. With imaging, ensuring no latency with a cloud-based solution is very important to the providers, and I think AGFA HealthCare is doing very well. Based on the demonstrations that we have seen; we are very confident.”

The cloud industry is maturing rapidly, and the KLAS Research Imaging in the Cloud Report shows a clear requirement for vendor partners to work closely with healthcare providers to assess potential cloud infrastructures and transformation strategies - both efforts which will help ensure success when transitioning to the cloud.  

As always, AGFA HealthCare remains dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions that set new standards in healthcare imaging, securing the top spot for PACS: Middle East/Africa in the 2024 Best in KLAS Awards: Global Software report and the top position for the Universal Viewer category in the 2024 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services report. We express our gratitude to KLAS Research and our valued customers for their trust and collaboration, propelling us to do more - raising the bar on each possible occasion.

Visit the KLAS Research Imaging in the Cloud 2024 Report here for a complete view.  

*Imaging in the Cloud Report 2024, Graphical Analysis Page 3. 

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