Which companies will survive until 2030? New report reveals rankings

A report released by Quantumrun, a research and consulting agency specializing in long-term strategic forecasting, ranked 1,000 of the top global companies by whether they will remain in business until 2030.

Named the "Quantumrun Global 1000," this business forecasting report and ranking measures the potential longevity of companies by analyzing 18 key criterions that are themselves determined by reviewing over 80 data points.  

David Tal, Quantumrun’s founder and president, said, “Our team created this report as a tool to help companies big and small understand the different factors that contribute to organizational longevity, while also encouraging executives to look beyond quarterly performance metrics and invest more resources into developing their company’s long-term vision.”

Lua Emilia, director, Strategy & Business Intelligence, and co-author of this report, said, “We worked hard to develop and fine-tune the final criteria to best fit the wide cross-section of industries we were analyzing. Our ultimate goal is to inspire organizations to think objectively about the sustainability of their current operations by seeing what works and where they should focus their attention.”

Quantumrun also released similar reports that rank the top 500 U.S. companies and the top 100 Silicon Valley companies. Links found below.

Report links:

*Key findings from 2017 ranking reports: http://www.quantumrun.com/article/2017-quantumrun-global-1000-key-findings

*Access full report findings and raw ranking report data: http://www.quantumrun.com/2017/data-access

*Report scoring overview: http://www.quantumrun.com/quantumrun-ranking-report-scoring-guide

*Quantumrun Global 1000 rankings: http://www.quantumrun.com/company-ranking/2017/2017-quantumrun-global-1000

*Quantumrun US 500 and Silicon Valley 100 rankings can be accessed here: http://www.quantumrun.com/company-ranking

About Quantumrun:

Based in Toronto, Canada, Quantumrun is a research and consulting agency that uses long-term strategic forecasting to help organizations thrive from future trends.


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About Quantumrun Forecasting

Quantumrun Forecasting is a research and consulting agency that uses long-term strategic forecasting to help organizations thrive from future trends.

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