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The world is listening. Introducing Voice by Casting Workbook.

Susan Fox, President of Casting Workbook

​​With changes in the voice-over industry, many members expressed that a new solution was needed. Casting Workbook is excited to provide this solution and announces the launch of Voice by Casting Workbook today. 

By consulting with industry leaders, Casting Workbook has now created a publicly searchable voice database to provide immediate relief to production companies, creatives, ad agencies, voice agents and casting personnel. This means they can get back to doing what they do best: sharing top talent with the world. But this is just the beginning, as Casting Workbook's new full-featured Voice submission service will roll out over the next two months with ongoing consultation with industry members.

“Working with the voice industry is our next great adventure and we're loving the unique, talented people in it. As one of the top breakdown services in North America, we are leveraging Casting Workbook's suite of enterprise applications built originally for on-camera, and are expanding to a depth that a tech start-up will have difficulty matching in the foreseeable future,” says Susan Fox, president of Casting Workbook.  

Voice by Casting Workbook will also include, private and public voice jobs and breakdowns, submissions, scheduling, sharing, multiple roster administration, self-taping requests, proprietary script analysis, sides creation with watermarking, and our favorite is the free self-taping app for actors for iOS and Android, giving them advanced resources to save time, money and help them advance their careers. 

The use of the platform is free for casting and production. For agencies, there will be a monthly fee of $99/month after a free trial until June 2018 for those agencies who join before Dec. 15. The service can be used in conjunction with other services. 

Voice by Casting Workbook has now brought on over 15,000 demos and the number is climbing daily. Voice agents and buyers are invited to visit the website and sign up to join the Voice by Casting Workbook community. 

Visit our website: voice.castingworkbook.com 

About Casting Workbook
As a top film, television and commercial breakdown service in North America and with over 19 million agent submissions, we work mainly in the film and on-camera world, however, with over 20 years of experience in casting submission software, we are here to provide powerful solutions to the voice industry.

Interviews with Susan Fox, president of Casting Workbook, are available. For further information, please contact:
Keum Roling 
Head of Marketing & Communications at Casting Workbook

Source: Casting Workbook

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About Casting Workbook

Casting Workbook, the second largest film, tv, and commercial breakdown service in North America. With over 20 years of experience in casting submission software, we are here to provide powerful solutions to the voice industry.

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