WHC MKE, LLC, DBA zTrip, Announces Acquisition of Taxi MKE and American MedTrans

Expanding Its Reach as the Largest Taxi Operator in North America

zTrip MKE

WHC MKE, LLC, operating under the brand zTrip, the largest taxi operator in North America, is thrilled to announce the strategic acquisition of Taxi MKE and American MedTrans. This move significantly strengthens zTrip's position as a leading taxi service provider and expands its operational footprint across 34 cities in 17 states.

With a vast fleet of over 3,000 cars, more than 3,400 dedicated drivers, and 550 employees, zTrip has been providing safe, reliable, and innovative transportation solutions to millions of passengers annually. The acquisitions of Taxi MKE and American MedTrans highlight zTrip's dedication to enhancing its services and meeting the growing demands of its customer base.

Expanding Services and Commitment to Excellence
zTrip is known for its unwavering commitment to safety, innovation, and customer satisfaction. The acquisitions of Taxi MKE and American MedTrans align with zTrip's mission to offer top-notch transportation services to a broader audience. As a result, zTrip will enhance its capabilities in Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT), MicroTransit, and group mobility services, catering to the diverse transportation needs of the communities it serves.

Unique Features Setting zTrip Apart
zTrip stands out in the urban mobility landscape with features designed for convenience, safety, and flexibility:

  • The zTrip App: Book trips instantly or schedule them for later.
  • No Surge Pricing: Consistently low prices, no matter the time.
  • Professional and Licensed Drivers: Equipped with full fingerprint background checks for enhanced safety.
  • 24/7 Live Customer Support: Around-the-clock access to a live support team.
  • zTrip for Businesses: A QR Booking solution for entities like hotels, hospitals, and restaurants for effortless cab summoning.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Choose between cash, credit card, or app-based payment.
  • Driver Selection: Freedom to select and stay with your preferred driver.

A New Chapter in Customer-Centric Transportation

This acquisition represents a crucial step in our quest to redefine the transportation experience," stated Bill George, CEO of zTrip. "Bringing Taxi MKE into the zTrip family allows us to not only broaden our service range but, more importantly, to deepen our commitment to delivering exceptional service that prioritizes customer satisfaction. We are equally dedicated to fostering a supportive and rewarding environment for our driver partners, who are integral to our success. At zTrip, we believe that by taking care of our drivers, we enhance the overall quality and reliability of the transportation experience for our customers."

About zTrip
zTrip, a subsidiary of WHC MKE, LLC, is the largest taxi company in North America. Operating in 34 cities across 17 states, zTrip is dedicated to offering innovative and reliable transportation solutions. With a fleet of over 3,000 vehicles and a team of more than 3,400 drivers and 550 employees, zTrip serves millions of passengers each year, emphasizing safety, customer satisfaction, and technological innovation. For more information, visit www.zTrip.com.

Source: WHC MKE, LLC, DBA zTrip

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