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WhatShed.co.uk is the premium review site for all garden related buildings in the UK. Their comprehensive ranking system makes finding the perfect shed simple.

​​Whatshed.co.uk proudly offers customers the most innovative and authoritative garden shed review site available in the UK. The company presents accurate, reliable and trusted product information about a wide range of garden buildings, completely for free and with absolute transparency and honesty.

The company makes it their business to anticipate everything the customer needs to know about a wide variety of garden buildings including sheds, summer houses, log cabins, green houses and many other garden structures. Their findings are arranged in an easy to browse manner that puts the most relevant information right at your fingertips.

Honest and Transparent Reviews

Whatshed.co.uk understands that uncensored product reviews inform the best buying decisions and they said that it is their role to provide the facts as they find them, without fear or favour. They let the unedited proof speak for itself.

Experience and Expertise

The company also offers professional product appraisals from experienced industry experts well-versed in all aspects of construction, function and design. This aggregated knowledge is what makes Whatshed.co.uk the premium review site in the UK in the garden shed arena. The company's agenda is to continually excel by freely sharing what they know with those who are seeking honest, reliable information.

At WhatShed.co.uk, you will be delighted to find that the hard work of separating useful feedback from marketing hype has been done in advance. Their unique rating system means you can easily find the perfect solution to your garden shed needs in a highly navigable, informative format.

The Most Important Elements are Reviewed

Through hard work and exhaustive research, Whatshed.co.uk understands the exact elements that customers are seeking in garden buildings and their ratings system is designed to deliver. The rankings you can see in the site carefully weigh elements such as overall quality, storage size, value for money, longevity of materials, security, customisation options, added extras and ease of installation.

This level of detail makes comparisons much easier and ensures that all the benchmarks that matter are always covered.

League Table Style Reviews

They have structured their reviews in a format like no other. Their league table review system lays everything out in a clear fashion just as the name implies. Whatshed.co.uk has compiled a number of lists that rank the Top 20 star performing garden buildings across a wide range of categories.

Whatshed.co.uk Serve Customers, Not Advertisers

Their review system works so well because they value freely expressed opinions and understand that this information is what discerning customers demand. Their allegiances are towards the customer, not the manufacturer. If a particular product rates highly on WhatShed.co.uk, it has developed a well-earned reputation based on merit and quality. Whatshed.co.uk's firm policy forbids advertising, payments or hidden agendas from dictating the content of the reviews. All reviews come from genuine people entrusted to tell the truth exactly as they see it.

As Britain's biggest and best garden buildings buyers guide, Whatshed.co.uk offers indispensable insights in a clear and straightforward format that is so impressive that you'll soon be wondering how you ever survived without it.

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WhatShed is the biggest and best garden buildings buyers guide in the UK. WhatShed provides unbiased reviews for garden sheds, buildings, log cabins and more.

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