What's the Fuzz Buzz?

The Orb Factory launches Fuzzeez™ and other hits at Toy Fairs in Nürnberg & NY

Fuzz, Fuzz, Fuzzeez™Fuzzeez™ is the newest brand from The Orb Factory, an international award-winning craft company.

Just Stuff, Spray, and Spin to make your own Fuzzeez™ friend!  Stuff your Fuzzeez™ form with magically transforming wool.  Spray wool with warm soapy water.  Snap your filled form closed and Spin through the washer and dryer.  Once dry, open your form to reveal your brand new Fuzzeez™creation

Children are delighted by the amazing transformation from raw wool to a stuffy fluffy pal.  Inspired by felting, Fuzzeez™ spins this classic craft concept into something innovative, contemporary and completely awe inspiring.   

Fuzzeez™ are currently hitting stores around the world and will be followed by a direct response tv campaign across North America in early March.  

The Orb Factory also released additions to some of their most popular lines at Toy Fairs in Nürnberg & NY.

PlushCraft™ Puppy Pack: Use the stylus to pop in the plush! This trio of mini PlushCraft™ Puppies are perfect for parties and sleepovers.       

SewSofties™ Jumbo Hamster: Sew a Jumbo Hamster, insert beachball and inflate!  This learn to sew kit becomes a toy for active play.                    

Curiosity Kits® Smartphone Cinema: Make your own movie projector!  Fold, assemble, and use your phone to bring the magic of movies home.


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