What's Driving Consumer Demand for Organic Food and Beverage Products

FoodChain ID & The Hartman Group Present Webinar

Laurie Demeritt

FoodChain ID, a market-leading provider of technology-enabled food safety, quality, and sustainability solutions, in partnership with The Hartman Group, experts on American food and beverage culture, will host a webinar titled "What's Driving Consumer Demand for Organic Food and Beverage Products?" on Feb. 17, 2022. Register for free via this link.

In this informative webinar, The Hartman Group CEO Laurie Demeritt will share key insights and implications for CPG brands today based on trend data from The Hartman Group's latest Organic and Beyond and Sustainability 2021 reports. Topics will include consumer aspirations, attitudes, and behavior relating to organic food products and highlights of consumer response to third-party certifications and standards that relate to organics, sustainable agriculture (including the topic of regenerative), and GMOs. FoodChain ID will then share insights into efficiently managing third-party certifications, followed by a Q&A.

About The Hartman Group

Since 1989, The Hartman Group's anthropologists, social scientists, and business analysts have been immersed in the study of American food and beverage culture, using ethnographic observation, quantitative tracking surveys, and deep analysis of trends. What we have learned and continue to uncover allows us to upend many notions of our traditional American eating and drinking patterns, identifying unique opportunities and winning strategies for our clients—more at https://www.hartman-group.com/about-us#overview.

About FoodChain ID

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois, FoodChain ID has a global presence and provides technology-enabled food safety, quality, and sustainability solutions that address challenges and opportunities in the rapidly evolving food industry. Serving more than 30,000 customers in over 100 countries with a market-leading portfolio of testing, inspection, certification, and compliance solutions, FoodChain ID helps companies navigate the increasingly regulated global food economy with greater transparency, accountability, safety, and sustainability. A pioneer of the GMO food identification industry, the company's services now include clean labels, food safety, sustainability claims; food safety certifications; regulatory compliance solutions; and testing. FoodChain ID is a portfolio company of Berkshire Partners.

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About FoodChain ID

FoodChain ID is one of the world's leading food safety, testing, and sustainability organizations.

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