What to Know About 5G Cell Tower Lease Contracts

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When it comes to cell lease rates and cell lease contracts, many people have questions with 5G sweeping the country. The concerns are for good reason, and it's a good idea for landowners to get clarification. Those who do not may find their cell tower lease rates being slashed, or they could have their cell tower lease contracts terminated early. The more landowners know, the more prepared they will be to address the issues that they encounter.

"Due to the expansion of 5G, many landowners will experience changes with their current contracts, and others will be given new contracts," explains David Espinosa, president of TowerLeases.com. "The cell tower lease rates are not something you have to simply take. It's crucial that landowners know they can negotiate a better rate and terms."

There are many things that landowners and cell tower lease contract owners need to be aware of when it comes to the rollout of 5G, including:

  • Small cell technology, or 5G, is not replacing the current cell towers. They are going to enhance what we already have. If you have a cell tower now, the companies may want to change the terms of the cell tower lease contracts.
  • Small cell technology is going to create more lease opportunities for landowners. While prior networks need open spaces, the 5G towers are more suitable for cities, and they can be placed on streetlights, buildings, structures, and utility poles. 
  • Landowners offered 5G contracts should always work with a lease negotiation expert, such as TowerLeases.com, to ensure that they get the best possible arrangement. 

"I offer every landowner a free consultation because I know that I can help them get better than the cell tower lease contracts are offering," added Espinosa. "Not only do I help people get the best cell tower lease rates, but I also ensure that the company can't just leave them hanging with an early termination that doesn't compensate them or return their land to its original state."

Espinosa's consulting service has helped people who have cell tower leases with Crown Castle, Verizon, and AT&T. To arrange for a free 30-minute lease buyout consultation, visit the site at TowerLeases.com or call (866) 746-8907.

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