What to Expect at the Countless Weddings You're Invited to This Year (Don't Worry, There's Still Dancing!)

Prepare to Match Your Mask to Your Outfit as Face Coverings Are Here to Stay

NFL star Trevor Lawrence with his groomsmen in INDOCHINO at his wedding to Marissa Mowry Lawrence.

Big weddings are finally back thanks to an ease in restrictions, with half (51%) of couples getting married this year inviting 100 or more guests, and one in five (22%) inviting 150 or more, research by INDOCHINO reveals. And as 41% of this year's weddings are rescheduled dates from 2020, guests are set to be invited to more celebrations than ever before.

The survey of 1,549 people getting married who recently ordered custom suits for their wedding uncovered what guests should expect when they RSVP*. Despite recent CDC guidelines, guests should look for matching masks for their outfits, with four in ten (39%) couples requiring face coverings for at least a part of the celebrations. More than a third (36%) will require guests to be vaccinated and one in five (20%) will request a Covid test prior to the event.

Long distance friends and family may expect to receive wedding invites, with 45% allowing guests from out of state, if they are vaccinated. Another 45% are allowing out of state guests with no restrictions.

Weddings themselves are likely to take place in the fresh air, as 40% of couples say they are moving their event outdoors in light of the pandemic. 40% are modifying the seating arrangements and 28% are removing the buffet. Guests need not worry however, as many traditional wedding elements remain. 96% are planning a group photo, 89% are tossing the bouquet and 86% are keeping the dance floor.

"After an extraordinary year of staying home, keeping our bubbles small and missing out on life events, it's a huge relief to see that big celebrations such as weddings are making a comeback," said Drew Green, President and CEO of INDOCHINO. "And although events might look a little different this year as couples take important safety precautions, I personally can't wait to bust some dad moves on the dance floor!"

Of the 41% forced to postpone their wedding due to Covid, 87% found reorganizing their big day stressful. That may not be surprising given that 78% had to make compromises along the way. 71% reduced the guest list and almost half (47%) altered their budget to accommodate the disruption. Perhaps adding to—or a result of—the stress, a staggering 81% of those polled have changed weight since the start of the pandemic. 45% gained weight and 36% lost weight.

Despite all this, 60% of couples agree that despite the stress caused, reorganizing brought them closer together. Just 4% regret postponing their wedding, and 30% are now more excited than ever about their big day.

The wedding boom is already being felt in the formalwear industry, which saw steep declines when the pandemic struck in March 2020. As vaccines started to roll out from March 2021 onwards, INDOCHINO's wedding business has surged far beyond any previous levels, with wedding appointments in its showrooms increasing by 60% compared to 2019. And the custom apparel brand doesn't see any signs of business slowing, noticing a trend for fall weddings across North America as couples compete for venue availability.

"This year's weddings will be extra special as everyone has a sort of renewed appreciation for life," Green continued. "Whether you're the groom or a guest, it's a warm summer or cool fall wedding, or you either want a fashion forward or a classic look... thanks to our extensive fabric assortment and made-to-measure approach, we're here to help everyone look and feel extra special in great fitting, personalized clothing."


*INDOCHINO polled customers who ordered suits between January 2021 and May 2021. 96% of respondents are getting married in 2021.

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