What To Do When Wrongly Accused of DUI Charges? DUI/DWI Expert Attorney Carl Ceder Answers

Wrong accusations of DUI or DWI happen more often than people realize. Many of them are so overwhelmed by the situation that they do not know what to do. DUI and DWI attorney Carl Ceder explains how to react.

The penalty under DUI or DWI charges can be severe in Dallas. This isn't wrong per se considering the fact that Dallas has continuously led the nation in drunk driving deaths. But overzealousness on the part of the law enforcing officer can also lead to wrong arrests.

Nothing can be more frustrating than being wrong accused of driving under influence or driving while intoxicated. The defendant is not only fighting against a general bias that all DIU/DIW accused are guilty, but there's a lot at stake. To begin with, the accused faces a probability of jail time or penalty. There's also the threat of losing driving privileges or expecting a drastic increase in automobile premiums and even life insurance.

"Unfortunately, not many know that even the worst case of DUI/DWI can be won at trial. In fact, even the reason behind stopping the vehicle and the reliability of the tests can be challenged," says Dallas based DWI defense attorney Carl. D. Ceder.

"When the police asks you to stop the car for investigation, make sure that;

a)You are polite: A confrontational attitude towards the cops only leads to a further bias against you.

b)Remain silent: The police are probably videotaping you and every spoken word can be used as evidence against you.

c)Refuse all tests including the sobriety test: You are within your rights to refuse all tests including the sobriety, breath and HGN (Horizontal Gaze Nygstagmus) tests. You are likely to be arrested even after undertaking the tests, thanks to the subjective opinion of the investigating officer.

d)Refuse blood test as well: There's a high possibility of inaccuracy during a blood test. Therefore, never volunteer for a blood test.

If the investigation officer has sufficient reason to believe that you are driving whilst intoxicated or under the influence, he will arrest you even if you have taken the tests. But when you avoid tests, your case can be successfully attacked during trial. The attorney can also help you sue against false arrest and get your arrest record removed," adds Carl Ceder.

About Carl Ceder:

Carl David Ceder is a Federal and State criminal defense attorney. He focuses his practice on DUI and DWI arrests besides domestic violence cases, drug charges, theft etc. Carl is certified to carry out several tests including the NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety, HGA, Drug Evaluation and Classification tests etc. and is hence aware of all the procedural formalities required whilst carrying them out. He can attack cases from every angle, right from the reasons for the traffic stop to the procedural faults whilst taking tests.

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