What is the Secret to a Happy Marriage? Rottermond Jewelers Asked Local Couples for Their Best Relationship Advice

At Rottermond Jewelers, owners Dean and Cindi Rottermond treat every customer like family and this tradition has formed lasting relationships in the communities of both Milford and Brighton, Michigan. Reaching out to long-time customers and friends, Rottermond found a wealth of couples who are excited to share their secrets and seem to know a thing or two about love.

Happy Local Couple: Marriage Advice

After celebrating Valentine's Day over the weekend, love is in the air and Rottermond Jewelers wants to keep the conversation going. The team at Rottermond has been lucky enough to watch local couples over the years on their journey of love from deciding on an engagement ring and wedding band to spectacular jewelry gifts for special occasions like Valentine's Day—a gift of the sparkling kind never disappoints! These couples have made their relationships last and Rottermond Jewelers asked them to share their best kept secrets for a long and happy marriage.

A significant theme in the advice shared seems to center around attitude. When starting a serious conversation, Mike F. shares, "Make a conscious decision to be positive before you interact." Setting this intention helps guide the discussion. Proactive steps are also helpful as Brandon P. states, "Doing things to make your spouse happy will usually make you happy." It's a win-win as a couple when you make a conscious effort to support your partner and take little actions to bring a smile to their face. Turn up the dial past a smile to all-out-laughter, because Lisa S. hints the secret is "whenever possible—have a sense of humor—laugh and smile often."

While a happy, care-free attitude is of course ideal, it isn't realistic every single day. Some days, as Michael D. points out, it's enough to "remember to practice patience even when you feel stressed." Taking a breath and remembering why you love your partner can help deescalate a situation and bring the focus back to the idea that you are a team. Sometimes the key to a happy marriage is as simple as the nudge to "really listen more" according to Mary F. 

Final thoughts come from Greg B. who urges couples to be "complementary, appreciative and kind." Remember to thank your partner for everything they do and everything you love about them, gratitude is the building block for continued actions of love.

Rottermond Jewelers wishes every couple a lifetime of love and happiness. Hopefully, the advice shared will continue to nurture and develop lasting relationships. Every year is a new chance for love to blossom and this local jeweler is excited to celebrate love in all forms with jewelry gifted from the heart

About Rottermond

Based in the Huron Valley, Rottermond has been giving back to their community since 2005. Their staff is the most experienced in the region and they are happy to help their clients discover their next favorite treasure. With storefronts in Milford and Brighton, Rottermond has established itself as one of the top jewelers in Michigan. Not to mention, they have given over four hundred thousand dollars back to their communities.

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