What is the Best Type of Under Cabinet Lighting?

Under Cabinet Lighting

For anyone who is looking to add more light into a kitchen or home, under cabinet lighting is the perfect solution. Here are some of the most common under cabinet lighting options available on the market, all of which can be purchased through Brilliant Evolution.

Wired LED Lights

Wired LED under cabinet lighting is a great solution for anyone looking to brighten up a kitchen space. Homeowners will enjoy a warm white glow that helps to make even the darkest kitchen come to life, and they are quick and easy to add to any cabinet. A wired LED light kit with remote will come with light bars, and the number of bars will depend on the kit purchased.

LED Puck Lights

Brilliant Evolution offers LED puck lights that look very similar to a hockey puck. Most of these lights are around 3 inches in diameter and 1-inch thick, so they are a discreet option to fit anywhere in a room. LED puck lights are an energy-efficient under cabinet lighting solution. Brilliant Evolution offers LED puck lights in a wide variety of pack sizes, and there are even color-changing options available and many come with a remote control. 

LED Motion Sensor Lights

When it comes to adding under cabinet lighting and any other technology into homes, people are always looking for easy-to-operate solutions. LED motion sensor lights are one of the best under cabinet lighting solutions for easy operation, as they will be switched on and off based on motion in the home. Brilliant Evolution can supply these in circular or rectangular shapes, and they can be attached to cabinets, stairs, and ceilings. The technology in this LED under cabinet lighting is operated when it senses a warm object nearby. As with many other types of light, there is a good selection of size and brightness options to fit any home. It's the perfect solution to help individuals see where they are going during the night and make a home easier to navigate.

LED Bar Lights

As the name suggests, LED bar lights look just like a bar. Brilliant Evolution offers bar lights in various lengths and widths, so anyone can find the ideal solution to fit any size of kitchen. For a discreet solution, ultra-thin bar lights are suitable for under cabinet lighting, and they can barely be seen once they are installed in a kitchen. When choosing between LED bar lights, the options include both wired and wireless solutions. Wireless bar lights are installed with 3M tape or screws, which are included with the purchase. 

What Is the Best Under Cabinet Lighting Option?

Brilliant Evolution offers all of the under cabinet lighting options.  For more information about under cabinet lighting, check out the entire product range available from Brilliant Evolution.

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