What is Net Neutrality and How VPNs Can Help

The Net Neutrality debate is heating up with the combined future of the internet at stake. Here's how one VPN provider is playing its part in the fight for Net Neutrality.

Net Neutrality

PureVPN – a leading VPN provider in the online security industry – strongly opposes the removal of Net Neutrality rules since it not only classifies internet service providers as utility providers, but it also paves the way for the introduction of brackets and classes of different users, effectively defeating the concept and implementation of an open and free internet. 

Here’s Net Neutrality Explained

PureVPN will keep supporting every cause that has to do with protecting internet users' right to privacy, security, and internet freedom. We will make our voice heard on every platform there is and make sure that users remain private, secure, and anonymous on the internet. We will continue to evolve our services to offer better solutions to internet users, regardless of their location or the repeal of net neutrality.

Uzair Gadit, Co-Founder

Understanding the devastating effects of removing net neutrality, and what is net neutrality to begin with, is the first step to fight the repeal. Reversing net neutrality rules puts fans of online streaming in somewhat of a state of panic, and rightly so. After all, nobody should be forced to pay a higher bandwidth cost just for streaming. A recent survey by Nielsen revealed that 80 percent of U.S. households have broadband internet. They will have to pay higher bandwidth charges for streaming their favorite content.

The Effects of Removing Net Neutrality

Adding to the insult is the anti-privacy broadband rules that had already exposed the privacy of users’ data and online activities. Anticipating the death of their digital rights, internet users in the U.S. have taken to VPNs to ensure their freedom to stream and remain private, which has resulted in the search and buying trend of VPNs to skyrocket not only in the U.S., but the U.K. and Australia as well since these countries recently passed laws making it mandatory for their ISPs and telecom operators to retain user data for up to 24 months.

What Can You Do for Net Neutrality?

A VPN is seen as a savior since it protects users by encrypting their data and tunneling it through its own network of servers. Also, a VPN makes it tough, if not impossible, for the ISP to monitor whether a user is streaming or not, and that saves the user higher bandwidth costs.

Italy too is seemingly following the footsteps of other countries by announcing data retention laws of its own, leaving internet users in Italy looking up to VPNs to protect their digital data and information. Making things further complicated is the fact that countries like China and Russia keep tightening their censorship grip on the internet, leaving users hungry to access the content of their choice.

While developing security-centric solutions is an important first step, making the solutions easily available and accessible to all users is our center of focus. We will make sure that our solutions are not only technology-rich but are also affordable for users, so they can continue to fight for their right for a free internet,” said Uzair Gadit at the launch of PureVPN’s Enterprise-Grade Security & Privacy add-on at PureVPN’s headquarters in Hong Kong.

The Enterprise-Grade Security & Privacy add-on includes features like antivirus, anti-malware, content filler, tracker blocker, web filter, and app blocker, which will come in handy in the coming days since it is the shopping season; a time when hacking incidents are typically on the rise with more users hunting for deals and discounts on their favorite products. Hackers use this season to set up fake websites to collect user information such as email addresses and credit card numbers etc., to use for their own, illegal gains.

PureVPN and its add-on will help users remain safe against online ads, being tracked and being duped by fake websites.

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Source: PureVPN